Israel increases airspace security following Malaysia Airline flight disappearance

By Charlotte Oliver, March 17, 2014
Israel's national airline, El Al

Israel's national airline, El Al

Israel has increased security measures for all flights entering its airspace, following reports that missing Malaysia Airlines flight 370 was hijacked.

According to Israeli TV Channel 2, security officials have met aviation experts over the last week to assess the country’s current state of airline security. They agreed on a number of new procedures in order to ensure the safety of Israeli aviation.

One measure will be that all airlines approaching Israel’s airspace will be now expected to identify themselves much earlier than normal. Further procedures remain classified.

Investigations have now stretched to over 11 countries in the worldwide search for missing Flight 370 – and the 239 people who were on board when it went missing nine days ago.

Malaysian officials have been joined by authorities from 24 other countries, amid reports that the Boeing 777 could have been diverted remotely and taken as far north as Kazakhstan in central Asia.

Last updated: 10:11am, March 17 2014