Court orders Dieudonné to cut hate video

By Natasha Lehrer, February 20, 2014

Comedian Dieudonné was ordered by a French court last week to edit out two sections of a video he posted on his website and YouTube.

In the section judged to contravene the French law prohibiting Holocaust denial, Dieudonné says: “I was born in 1966, so I wasn’t alive then… I don’t know anything about the gas chambers.

“If you like I can organise a meeting with Robert” — a reference to the notorious denier Robert Faurisson.

In another section, said by the court to incite racial hatred, Dieudonné insisted that he was “not an antisemite” before going to say: “I can’t choose between the Jews and the Nazis.”

The case was brought by the Union of French Jewish Students. The comedian will be fined €700 for each day the video remains online in its uncut version.

Last updated: 11:45pm, February 20 2014