Rabbi sued for ‘chopping off penis’

By Rosa Doherty, December 30, 2013

A rabbi from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is accused of chopping off a newborn baby’s penis during a routine circumcision in April 2013.

A civil lawsuit brought by the parents of the baby, who are only identified by their initials, alleges the rabbi acted “with a total disregard” for the child.

The rabbi, Mordechai Rosenberg, called the incident a “tragic accident” and claimed he was well trained in the procedure.

Doctors had to perform an eight-hour emergency operation to re-attach the dismembered penis.

According to local news website CBS Pittsburgh, the surgery involved six blood transfusions and resulted in the baby being hospitalised for two months.

While the surgery was believed to be successful, it is still unknown whether or not the boy will have problems with the organ later in life.

Last updated: 5:32pm, December 30 2013