Man films hate attack in Montreal coffee shop

By Sandy Rashty, November 12, 2013
The two women filmed during the confrontation

The two women filmed during the confrontation

A Canadian Jewish man was attacked and racially abused by two Muslim women at a popular coffee shop in Montreal earlier this month.

The unidentified man, who was dining at Tim Horton’s cafe, filmed the attack on his phone.

He reportedly asked the women what they thought of the proposed ban on religious clothing.

The two women, who have not been named, proceeded to physically attack the man.

They grew increasingly irate when they spotted him filming the abuse.

The younger women, who appeared to be in her late 20s, hurled antisemitic abuse him in Quebecois French.

She said: “Jewish s***. You’re Jewish s***. You insult veiled women.

“You’re entire race can go f*** themselves. Dirty Jew.”

She also called him a “racist”.

The older women, who was wearing a black and blue hijab, also attacked the camera-holder with her handbag during the confrontation.

According to reports, the non-religious Jewish man, who asked customers to call the police during the attack, did not press charges.

Watch the video here

Last updated: 12:48pm, November 12 2013