Israel and US in joint missile test

By Josh Jackman, September 3, 2013
Israeli missile launch (Photo: United States Missile Defense Agency)

Israeli missile launch (Photo: United States Missile Defense Agency)

Israel has conducted a joint weapons test in the Mediterranean with America.

Two missiles were fired from the centre of the sea towards the coastline to check the effectiveness of Israel’s US-funded missile defence system.

The Russian Ministry of Defence said that two “ballistic objects” had been spotted on its early warning radar system at 7:16am BST.

According to Reuters, Israeli Defence Minister Moshe Yaalon confirmed the launch, stating that “a successful trial was conducted to test our systems. And we will continue to develop and to research and to equip the IDF (Israel Defence Forces) with the best systems in the world.”

Uzi Rabin, who designed the type of surface-to-air Arrow missile which was fired, said tests of the anti-missile system are planned “long, long in advance,” and that concerns were only raised this time due to “the high state of tension over Syria and Russia’s unusual vigilance.”

The test came after Syrian President Bashar al-Assad warned French Newspaper Le Figaro that “everyone will lose control of the situation when the powder barrel explodes,” referring to the prospect of Western nations attacking Syria.

Last updated: 3:16pm, September 3 2013