Pro-Palestinian hackers break into Google website

By Josh Jackman, August 27, 2013

Pro-Palestinian activists have succeeded in redirecting Google users to a defaced version of Google Maps which claims that Israel should be called Palestine.

Visitors to Palestinian domain on Monday were sent to a page displaying Israel, with the message: [sic] “uncle google we say hi from palestine to remember you that the country in google map [is] not called israel. its called Palestine”.

The intruders, who signed the message as Dod, Hij@ker, alzher, Mr_AnarShi-T and toxico-dz, went on to say [sic] “Question: what would happens if we changed the country title of Isreal to Palestine in google maps !!! it would be revolution.”

Google rejected claims that their site had been infiltrated, stating that “Google services for the domain were not hacked. We’ve been in contact with the organisation responsible for managing this domain name”.

According to technology research and news site, “the Google homepage was redirected to a Morocco-based server.”

The effects of the hijacking have now been reversed.

Last updated: 3:56pm, August 27 2013