My barmitzvah? I had six million viewers

By Zoe Winograd, August 22, 2013
Sam Horowitz dancing in Times Square (Photo: Getty images)

Sam Horowitz dancing in Times Square (Photo: Getty images)

Texan 13-year-old Sam Horowitz did not appear content with the 500,000 hits his glitzy barmitzvah show garnered on YouTube.

Last week, Sam took the show to Times Square and performed the routine with backing dancers on Good Morning America — which has average viewing figures of 5.5 million.

In the original performance at his barmitzvah, Sam descended from the ceiling inside a huge chandelier and, wearing a sparkling white suit, led a slick dance routine in front of an audience of hundreds. The video was posted on a Jewish parenting site and then on YouTube.

The responses on YouTube comment threads, however, were not entirely complimentary. Some viewers called Sam “spoilt” and his barmitzvah “over-the-top.” One man wrote: “‘What is this? ‘Keeping up with the Steins’? Sorry, I find it vulgar and humiliating.”

Sam seemed unfazed as he recreated his performance in Times Square. “It’s like a dream,” he told the Good Morning America presenter.

Last updated: 9:45pm, August 22 2013