Chabad Rabbi shot in south west Russia

By Josh Jackman, July 25, 2013
The Lubavitch world headquarters in Brooklyn

The Lubavitch world headquarters in Brooklyn

Rabbi Ovadia Isakov, an emissary to Derbent, in the Republic of Dagestan, was shot by an unknown assailant on Wednesday night as he approached his house.

The rabbi was evacuated to hospital, where he received successful emergency surgery on his right lung and liver. He has now returned home to recover.

According to ABC News, local Jewish leader Shimi Dibiyayev stated that attacks on Jews in the area are unprecedented.

Nevertheless, police said they are investigating all possible reasons for the shooting, including “religious motivations.”

Rabbi Pinchas Goldschmidt, President of the Conference of European Rabbis and Chief Rabbi of Moscow, declared he would “pray for the speedy recovery of Rabbi Isakov and that the perpetrator can be swiftly brought to justice”.

Secretary-general of the European Jewish Congress Serge Cwajgenbaum also expressed his “deep concern and shock” at the incident, though he cautioned that he would “reserve comment while we await the results of the police investigation.”

Last updated: 4:19pm, July 25 2013