No progress in Iran nuclear talks

By Sandy Rashty, April 5, 2013

Multilateral negotiations over the Iranian nuclear programme that took place in Kazakhstan today are reportedly failing.

The group of six nations in talks with Iran – the United States, Britain, France, Russia, Germany and China – said they would ease sanctions if the Islamic Republic halted its suspected nuclear development programme.

"We are somewhat puzzled by the Iranians' characterisation of what they presented at this morning's plenary," a Western diplomat reportedly told Reuters news.

"There has not yet been a clear and concrete response to the...proposal (from the six powers)."

The dispute centres on Iran’s efforts to enrich uranium, which could be used to develop nuclear weapons. Iranian representatives say they are entitled to enrich uranium for peaceful purposes.

As a consequence, since 2006 the UN Security Council has imposed sanctions against Iran in a bid to prevent the nation developing a nuclear bomb.

Israel has threatened to bomb the uranium site if the nuclear programme does not cease.

Last updated: 2:50pm, April 5 2013