Prisoner X jail staff face criminal charges

By Sandy Rashty, February 20, 2013
Ben Zygier (Photo: ABC TV)

Ben Zygier (Photo: ABC TV)

Prison staff who were allegedly responsible for “Prisoner X” may face criminal charges for negligence following the revelation that the alleged Australian Mossad agent committed suicide in an Israeli jail in 2010.

Four employees of Ayalon prison, two officers and two guards, may be charged following the release of a government report on Tuesday into 34-year-old Ben Zygier’s death.

The investigative report was compiled by Israeli Judge Daphna Blatman Kedrai. It states that Mr Zygier, from Melbourne, hanged himself with a wet sheet in his cell 's shower in December 2010.

Judge Kedrai said Mr Zygier’s death was not “caused by a criminal act” but that certain prison procedures had created a “suicidal window of opportunity”.

She said there was possible evidence to suggest the prison authority could be held partially responsible for the death.

Last updated: 1:13pm, February 20 2013