Bulgaria to prove Hizbollah and Iran behind Burgas attack

By Zoe Winograd, February 5, 2013
Bus bomb in Burgas airport July 2012

Bus bomb in Burgas airport July 2012

Bulgarian officials are expected to provide evidence today that Hizbollah and its ally Iran were behind the suicide attack in Burgas last July. The attack killed five Israeli tourists and the Bulgarian driver of an airport bus.

The Bulgarian government is set to make a public statement today after briefing Israeli officials on the investigation last month.

According to the Jerusalem Post, an unnamed Israeli diplomatic official said that Israel “would not be surprised” at the information in the report. At the time of the attack Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that "all signs point to Iran."

In recent weeks Bulgarian media has leaked information from the investigation. According to reports, the terror suspects were of Arab origin and may have had dual citizenship from Australia or Canada.

Last updated: 3:23pm, February 5 2013