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Samurai assault on pair who challenged noisy neighbours

By Robyn Rosen, August 27, 2009

A property developer assaulted his neighbour with a samurai sword after a dispute about noise reached a climax, a court heard.

Estate agent Simon Korn, of Marylebone, central London, opened his door in the early hours of October 26 last year to see pyjama-clad Simon Carson, 58, wielding an antique samurai sword.

Mr Korn grabbed the sword, accidently slashing own his hand as he grappled Mr Carson to the ground, before Mr Carson’s wife, Freddie Booker-Carson, began slapping Mr Korn’s wife, Madeline, Southwark Crown Court heard.


BBC backs Jeremy Bowen in bias probe

By Marcus Dysch, August 27, 2009

The BBC has confirmed that a trustee who says he has “complete confidence” in Middle East editor Jeremy Bowen will be allowed to chair an investigation into complaints against the correspondent.

Richard Tait, head of the corporation’s Editorial Standards Committee, will lead the case considering allegations of inaccuracy and bias.


Guardian rejects anti-semitism accusation

By Chloe Markowitz, August 27, 2009

A new website was launched this week with the aim of monitoring antisemitism on the Guardian newspaper’s Comment is Free blog.

CiF Watch will function primarily as a blog which discusses content on Comment is Free that it considers to be anti-Jewish.

The anonymous founder of the New York-based site, who insisted on only being known by the pseudonym “Hawkeye”, said the site aimed “to challenge the mainstream orthodoxy of the extreme left that the Jewish state is a racist endeavour — which is a recurrent theme in Comment is Free”.


Cambridge mikveh plans are rejected

By Marcus Dysch, August 27, 2009

Plans to build Cambridge’s first mikveh were plunged into further confusion this week after a council rejected a rabbi’s planning application.

Chabad’s Rabbi Reuven Leigh had asked for permission to convert a ground floor garage and kitchen into a ritual bath at his Castle Street home.

But Cambridge Council planning committee turned down his request, despite the council’s own officials advising them to give the project the go-ahead.

Rabbi Leigh, who is also rabbi of Cambridge Traditional Jewish Congregation, said he would appeal against the “bizarre” decision.


Second World War outbreak: 70th anniversary

August 27, 2009

The Second World War began on September 1 1939, with the German attack on Poland. Two days later Britain and France declared war on Germany.

There had been many forshadowings of those grim September days, and what it would mean to the Jews. On January 30 1939, six years to the day after the Nazi party came to power in Germany, Hitler told a crowd of his keenest supporters that if war came, “the result will not be the bolshevisation of the earth, and thus the victory of Jewry, but the annihilation of the Jewish race in Europe”.


Sorry, Palwin lives to flay your palate another day

By Robyn Rosen, August 27, 2009

Some people always have a “glass is half empty” attitude. So when stocks of the famously sweet kiddush wine, Palwin, appeared to have run low at supermarkets across the country, frantic customers contacted the JC, worried that Palwin had closed down.

More than 100,000 bottles of Palwin wine are produced every year by the Israeli winery, Carmel, solely for the British market, but customers have reported a shortage in recent months.


Minister says UK has crucial MidEast role

By Marcus Dysch, August 27, 2009

Ivan Lewis, the Middle East minister, believes Israel and the Palestinians are facing their “best last chance for peace in a generation”.

Speaking after returning from a tour of the region which took in Israel, the Palestinian territories, Syria and Lebanon, Mr Lewis outlined a ten-point plan which he believes will help Britain play an important role in the peace process.


UK peace talks give new hope

By Stephen Pollard and Jenni Frazer, August 27, 2009

Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s three-day visit to London ended on an optimistic note after four hours of talks with President Obama’s special envoy to the Middle East, George Mitchell.

A framework for resumed peace negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians is expected to be announced “between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur”, according to Israeli sources. This will almost certainly be at the UN General Assembly session in New York. Before that, Israeli officials are expected to hold further talks with Mr Mitchell next week.


Netanyahu and Mitchell: 'positive' outcome to talks

By Jenni Frazer, August 26, 2009

Israeli officials were upbeat and optimistic today that a framework for resumed peace negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians would be announced "between Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur," almost certainly at the UN General Assembly session in New York.

Speculation on a positive outcome to the ongoing talks between Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and the American special envoy in London, George Mitchell, rose as the four-hour discussions concluded.


Quick connections for Israel-Manchester bmi flights

By Jessica Elgot, August 25, 2009

Bmi has changed its flight schedule from Manchester to London Heathrow in order to better align connections with flights to Tel Aviv.

There will be seven daily flights available from Manchester to Heathrow which passengers can use to connect to flights to Tel Aviv.

bmi’s managing director, Dominic Paul, said: “The new schedule between Manchester and Heathrow demonstrates our commitment to providing a more seamless service for our customer.