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Man fined for race hate emails to Board

By Jessica Elgot, May 5, 2010

A man who pleaded guilty to sending racist and antisemitic emails to the Board of Deputies has been fined £700.

Mahmer Khammesh, 54, pleaded guilty at Highbury Corner magistrates’ court to sending offensive messages by a public network.

He must pay a £700 fine, plus court costs.

In October 2008, Khammesh was convicted of three charges of communications offences. His email targets then included the JC, Prime Minister Gordon Brown, Foreign Secretary David Miliband, and then Chelsea manager Avram Grant.


Ed Balls 'Nazi-costume' attacked in video

May 4, 2010

The JC has learnt that a series of US-style “attack ads” are to be placed on local Yorkshire newspapers’ websites later today, attacking Ed Balls, the Schools Secretary, for his privileged background.

The ads include a picture, claimed to be of Mr Balls wearing a Nazi uniform at a party, taken when he was a student at Oxford university.

Mr Balls is Labour candidate in Morley and Outwood, with a notional majority of over 10,000.


UK 'will not allow Mossad representative in London'

By Jessica Elgot, May 4, 2010

A new Mossad representative in London will not be allowed into the United Kingdom, it is claimed, until Israel pledges that British passports will never be used by Mossad agents.

Britain expelled a senior Israeli diplomat over the use of British passports by a team of assassins who killed Hamas terrorist Mahmouh al-Mabhouh in Dubai in January.

Foreign Secretary David Miliband said he was satisfied that Israeli intelligence agency Mossad had forged British passports for the assassins.


Leeds student paper pulled for antisemitic interview

By Jessica Elgot, May 3, 2010

Leeds University’s newspaper Leeds Student has been pulled from shelves by the Students’ Union after it published an antisemitic comment by Palestinian Telegraph owner Sameh Habeeb.

The interviewer asked Mr Habeeb: “Do you believe mainstream media organizations have a hidden agenda?”

He replied: “They are certainly pro-Israeli. I think you have to ask yourself who controls the media.”


Frankie Boyle: Israel is apartheid, terrorist

By Robyn Rosen, April 30, 2010

Comedian Frankie Boyle has described Israel as an “aggressive, terrorist” and “apartheid” state during an attack on the BBC’s decision to apologise for a joke he made about Jews.

The Scottish comedian, who has appeared on Mock the Week and Have I Got News for You, made the comments in an open letter responding to the BBC Trust editorial standards committee’s apology earlier this week.


Antisemitic milkman guilty

By Jessica Elgot, April 30, 2010

A milkman who wanted to overthrow the government because he believed it had been taken over by Jews, has been found guilty on three counts of possessing terror documents.

Nicky Davison, 19, of Annfield Plain, Co Durham, was the co-founder of Aryan Strike Force, an on-line extremist neo-Nazi group.

The jury at Newcastle Crown Court took 50 minutes to convict the teenager.

His father Ian Davison, 41, a disc jockey, earlier admitted six charges, including terrorism and producing a chemical weapon. He was discovered in possession of ricin, which can prove fatal.


BNP targets Jews with anti-Muslim leaflet

By Jessica Elgot, April 30, 2010

A BNP candidate sent Jewish voters in Essex leaflets which showed Muslims holding up antisemitic slogans.

BNP candidate for Chingford and Woodford Green, Julian Leppert, caused an outcry in August when the numberplate of his black Ford Focus appeared to spell “Nazi”.

His election literature showed Muslims holding up signs saying “God Bless Hitler” and “Be prepared for the real Holocaust”.

Mr Leppert said that the images were “to remind people of a few home truths”.

Jewish leaders have condemned the leaflets as causing divisions in the community.


BBC sorry over Frankie Boyle IDF joke

By Robyn Rosen, April 29, 2010

The BBC Trust's editorial standards committee has apologised after Scottish comedian Frankie Boyle made an "antisemitic" joke about the Israeli army.

Mr Boyle made the comment on Radio 4's Political Animal programme in June 2008 and said: "I'm quite interested in the Middle East, I'm actually studying Israeli army martial arts. And I know 16 ways to kick a Palestinian woman in the back.

"I've got an analogy which explains the whole thing quite well: if you imagine that Palestine is a cake – well, that cake is being punched to pieces by a very angry Jew."


'No service' at oldest shul for Board 250th

By Simon Rocker, April 29, 2010

Delicate negotations are continuing over the Board of Deputies' 250th anniversary in order to find a way to mark it to satisfy both Orthodox and non-Orthodox requirements.

Originally, the celebrations had been expected to begin with a commemorative service, on Sunday June 20, at Bevis Marks, the country's oldest synagogue, where the Board was founded in 1760.

Instead, in order to sidestep religious differences, the opening event will not be a service, but a special plenary session of the Board addressed by the lay leaders of different movements.


7/7 victim's family waited four days for death confirmation

April 29, 2010

The family of Miriam Hyman, who died in the 7/7 terror attack, was forced to wait four days to be officially told of her death, even though identification documents were found on her body.

In the High Court this week, lawyers acting for the Hyman family and that of Israeli Anat Rosenberg, who was also killed by the Tavistock Square bus bomb in July 2005, urged the coroner to resume the inquests and investigate whether the security services failed to act upon information known about the bombers before the attack.