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Chief gives EU credit crisis talk

By Leon Symons, November 20, 2008

Europe needs a new covenant of hope to carry it through the current economic crisis and beyond, Chief Rabbi Sir Jonathan Sacks told the European Parliament in Strasbourg on Wednesday.

Addressing the parliament for the first time, Sir Jonathan discussed the differences between a covenant and a contract. European politics, he said, needed the former.

Sir Jonathan compared a contract to a deal and a covenant to a marriage. "A contract deals with ‘arenas of competition' while a covenant deals with ‘arenas of co-operation'.


After 70 years, lost paintings come home

By Marcus Dysch, November 20, 2008

The daughter of a renowned anthropologist has been reunited with a collection of his oil paintings which had been lost for almost 70 years.

Leonhard Adam painted the five panels of roses and poppies in 1940 while interned on the Isle of Man. He came to Britain after fleeing Nazi Germany, but was deported to Australia on the infamous Dunera in 1940.

The Dunera left Liverpool for Australia in July 1940, carrying 2,450 men, mostly German Jews Britain had deemed to be "enemy aliens".


Rachel’s dirty dancing is strictly for TV, says fiancé

By Candice Krieger, November 20, 2008

The fiancé of singer Rachel Stevens has denied that he was banned from rehearsals for BBC1's Strictly Come Dancing because he was jealous of her dance partner, Vincent Simone.

Alex Bourne, 31, an actor and model, who plays for JC MSFL football team Southgate Harmen A, said: "It was all complete rubbish. I get on extremely well with Vincent. He's a lovely guy."


Belittled town of Bethlehem

By Leon Symons, November 20, 2008

A Jewish anti-Israel group has been criticised for re-writing traditional Christmas carols to attack Israel's policies towards Palestine. The songs are due to be performed during a concert at a Central London church next week.

Jews for Boycotting Israeli Goods (JBIG) said it hoped the event would raise awareness of "the Palestinian people of Bethlehem".


Peace deal ends JNF dispute

November 20, 2008

A 10-year row between the UK branch of the Jewish National Fund and Keren Kayemet Leyisrael has come to an end, with the signing of an agreement between the two organisations.


Come to our party, and bring a ‘fit’ Jew

By Marcus Dysch, November 20, 2008

Student party organisers have caused a major row by asking guests to come in fancy dress - and be accompanied by "a fit Jew".

Guests were told to find female students as dates and dress up, complete with money-bags and wear fake peyot (sidelocks).

The event was cancelled following complaints from Jewish students and Oxford University's student union is now carrying out an investigation.


Israelis ask: where is the community support

By Anshel Pfeffer and Candice Krieger, November 20, 2008

Senior Israeli diplomats and members of President Shimon Peres's entourage have expressed their disappointment at the absence of pro-Israel demonstrators around the events in the presidential visit.


Protestors fail to disrupt Peres talk

By Anshel Pfeffer, November 19, 2008

President Shimon Peres showed grace under fire on Tuesday night when he was systematically heckled and barracked by Oxford students at the city's Sheldonian Theatre.


London joins global Jewish cities

By Leon Symons, November 18, 2008

Jewish communities from the greatest cities across the globe are to be linked for the first time through the World Jewish Cities Project.

The new scheme was launched by London and New York when the London Jewish Forum met representatives of the New York Jewish Community Relations Council in the American city last week.

In the first phase of the project, Paris and Budapest will be approached to join and in the second phase Buenos Aires in Argentina, Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paolo in Brazil, and Johannesburg in South Africa.


The picture we never thought we’d see

November 14, 2008

After years of trying and five gruelling attempts at IVF treatment, most couples would have given up any hope of ever having a baby.

But David and Victoria Prever are this week celebrating the birth of a 7lb 4oz boy after being treated by Britain's most controversial fertility expert, Mohammed Taranissi.

David, 41, the Smooth FM breakfast show host, and chef Victoria, wrote a regular column in the JC, charting their IVF journey.