UK news

Motorbike crash victim mourned

By Robyn Rosen, November 12, 2010

A Jewish pensioner has died after she was hit by a motorbike in East Finchley.

Anita Cash, 86, was taken to hospital by air ambulance after the collision on High Road, near the junction with Chandos Road, at 5.04pm on Tuesday November 2.

Ms Cash, who lived in East Finchley, passed away at the Royal London Hospital a week later, on Tuesday.

Police are appealing for information about the incident, involving a Honda Shadow 750.


Labour MPs under fire as they meet Hamas

By Simon Rocker, November 11, 2010

Labour Friends of Israel has condemned a meeting held by two of the party's MPs, one a frontbench spokesman, with representatives of Hamas.

Andy Slaughter, who was recently appointed by leader Ed Miliband to his shadow team on justice, and Jeremy Corbyn met Palestinian Legislative Council members Muhammad Totah and Ahmad Atoun in Jerusalem at the weekend.


Kabbalah footballer changes name to win

By Simon Griver, November 11, 2010

Footballer Ben Sahar has changed the Hebrew spelling of his name after kabbalists told him it would make him a better player.

The Hapoel Tel Aviv star visited Israel's Ministry of Interior last week and changed the "s" in Sahar from the Hebrew letter samech to sin.

Rabbis in the Negev town of Netivot who specialise in kabbalah said Sahar in Hebrew with a samech was an anagram of the word heres (destruction).


The RAF compared with the Israeli Air Force

By Anshel Pfeffer, November 11, 2010

In a surprising upheaval of the global military rankings, it has emerged that Israel is set to leave Britain for dust when it comes to air power.

Cuts proposed in the Ministry of Defence's recent Strategic Defence and Security Review could mean that in five years, the RAF will be fielding roughly half the number of fighters of the Israeli Air Force.

The major difference in air force planning between the countries is a result of change in strategic thinking.


Israel boycotters launch European grouping

By Marcus Dysch, November 11, 2010

Fresh attempts to promote academic and cultural boycotts of Israel will be spearheaded by a newly-established pan-European organisation.

The European Platform for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel (EPACBI) includes representatives from Britain, France, Germany, Spain and five other countries with the aim of streamlining action against the Jewish state.

Members of the British Committee for the Universities of Palestine (Bricup), and its French equivalent AURDIP, joined forces to set up the new group and campaign against European Union funding of Israeli academic research.


BNP's Euro-funds closely scrutinised

By Jonathan Kalmus, November 11, 2010

Concern has been expressed that the BNP could syphon off thousands of pounds of European Union money to pay off its reported mounting debts.

Party leader Nick Griffin and his colleague Andrew Brons are entitled to a combined financial package worth around £600,000 a year because they are MEPs. It includes their annual MEP salaries and a general expenditure allowance to cover office costs, worth £86,000 for both MEPs.

But concern has been raised over the use of an allowance for an MEP's support staff being used to pay for BNP activities in the UK.


Jews against EDL launch unity voice

By Marcus Dysch, November 11, 2010

The first joint initiative to combat Jewish support for the English Defence League within the community has been launched.

The "Not in our name - Jews against the EDL" campaign is backed by more than a dozen organisations, including the Board of Deputies, Community Security Trust, the Israeli Embassy, and Jews for Justice for Palestinians.

More than 500 people have already pledged their support.


Help for children who witness domestic abuse

By Robyn Rosen, November 11, 2010

Jewish Women's Aid has expanded its services to children who have witnessed domestic abuse.

The charity, which provides advice, counselling and refuge to abused women, has recruited Nicola Wilson, a specialist children's worker.

Now JWA will offer children one-to-one support, group sessions and after-school activities, and mothers support to deal with the effect on children of being in an abusive household.


Elderly not valued by the young

By Robyn Rosen, November 11, 2010

Less than 50 per cent of young people feel those over the age of 70 are important to society, a report by Jewish Care has shown.

The charity fears the results are a sign that organisations working with older people will find it increasingly difficult to recruit volunteers and funds.

An Ipsos Mori poll, commissioned by Jewish Care, found that 53 per cent of those under the age of 35 had not spent quality time with anybody over the age of 70 in the last six months or more, and that 15 per cent of 16-24-year-olds said they could only learn "a little" from older people.


Guilty plea to racist hate on Scotsman site

By Stephanie Brickman, November 11, 2010

A man has appeared for sentencing at Edinburgh's Sheriff Court after pleading guilty to posting antisemitic comments on the website of the Scotsman newspaper.

Mohammed Sandia, 45, who lives in Wembley, north west London, and draws incapacity benefit, posted comments referring to Jews as a "genetically mutated inbred tribe. Jews are not fit to breathe our air and should be attacked wherever we see them."