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Crucifixion show at Jewish gallery praised

By Marcus Dysch, July 1, 2010

The co-chairman of the London Jewish Museum of Art says he is "buoyed" by a wave of support for the gallery's decision to host an exhibition addressing the Crucifixion.

David Glasser said criticism last week of the launch of Cross Purposes – Shock and Contemplation in Images of the Crucifixion had been followed by an "exceptionally busy" weekend and around 200 supportive emails.

The exhibition at the St John's Wood gallery includes depictions of Christ on the cross by Tracey Emin, Graham Sutherland and Duncan Grant.


Charedi fears over visa English lessons

By Leon Symons, July 1, 2010

A tightening of the marriage visa law requiring potential immigrants who want to marry here to learn English before they come to Britain has sent a shockwave through the Charedi community.

The new law, to be introduced in September, will mean that applicants will be asked to produce proof of their English studies when they apply for their visa.


Jewish G8 comes to London

By Robyn Rosen, July 1, 2010

Organisers of an international conference of Jewish communal organisations being held in London for the first time are hoping it will be a "Jewish G8 with a practical side".

The European Association of Jewish Community Centres (EAJCC) is hosting the fourth Pan-European Conference of Jewish Community Centres in October.


Whitefield robber on the run

July 1, 2010

A violent robber from Whitefield, north Manchester, is on the run after breaching the terms of his licence, following his release from prison a month ago.

Jason Boswell, 23, has convictions for burglary, robbery, vehicle crime, drugs offences and assaults, and police are appealing for the public's help in locating him.

They say he is known primarily in Whitefield.


Jewish school's new £20m home

July 1, 2010

In a few months pupils at Manchester's King David High School and its primary school will begin moving in to a new campus in Crumpsall, north Manchester.

The £20 million campus, due for completion in July 2011, will house a 420-place primary school, a 60-place nursery, and the 800-place high school.

This week, pupils planted an English oak tree at the complex to mark the latest stages in the building.


GP pronounces man dead on Israel flight

By Jonathan Kalmus, July 1, 2010

Passengers and cabin crew were left stunned as a man died on board a Jet2 plane from Israel to Manchester on Tuesday.

Stewardesses ran with oxygen masks to try to revive 85-year-old Philip Cohen, from Crumpsall, whose health had declined rapidly an hour into the flight. But he was pronounced dead immediately by Prestwich GP Dr Jonathan Liebermanwho was also on board.

The doctor helped to cover the deceased and laid him across three seats for the remainder of the flight.


Suicide vest man jailed

July 1, 2010

A man who called on Muslims to assassinate Tony Blair and Gordon Brown and who knew how to make suicide bomb vests and ricin has been given 34 years in prison.

Ishaq Kanmi, 24, from Blackburn, pleaded guilty at Manchester Crown Court last Thursday to three terrorist related offences.


Nazis killed my family, but they say I'm no Jew

By Jessica Elgot, July 1, 2010

An 80-year-old man has had his Jewish status challenged by the Beth Din, after he attempted to join a matchmaking service.

Two years ago, Joseph Marks's wife Marilyn, who was not Jewish, died of ovarian cancer. Mr Marks, a former film producer from Shepperton, Middlesex, applied to join Connect, an independent Jewish marriage service which is part of the Jewish Marriage Council.


Liverpool chair denies his troubles led to centre closure

By Jonathan Kalmus, July 1, 2010

The ex-chair of Liverpool's Harold House community centre, Sam Beilin, has denied that his personal finance issues contributed to its closure.

Mr Beilin, one of the city's best-known property developers, was declared bankrupt in April, with reported debts of £1m. Mr Beilin resigned as chairman of the charity which runs Harold House shortly afterwards.

Mr Beilin reaffirmed that the decision to close Harold House in May was due to "massive, massive losses" and high running costs, while fewer young people had meant a drop in income.


Inverness girl's tale of Middle East peace

July 1, 2010

An Inverness schoolgirl has taken inspiration from a Michael Morpurgo book to write her own version of the Middle East conflict - from the Israeli perspective.

Now, Mr Morpurgo has promised to read 12-year-old Emily Reid's book, A Dream for Peace, to children in Israel and the Palestinian areas.

His own book, The Kites are Flying, is about a journalist who meets a Palestinian boy in the West Bank on one side of the Israeli-built security wall.