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Brothel family stripped of assets

September 10, 2009

Three members of a Jewish family convicted of running a chain of brothels have been stripped of their remaining assets.

Spencer Rolfe and his sister Adele Lubin were both jailed for 15 months in August last year.

Rolfe, of Green Avenue, Mill Hill, must return £28,500 made through his criminality.

Lubin, of Watford Way, Hendon, was ordered by Southwark Crown Court to pay back £42,000.

Lubin’s son, David Howard, who was given a six-month jail sentence suspended for two years, must now return £30,000 under the Proceeds of Crimes Act.


UK fascists to wave Israeli flag at rally

By Leon Symons, September 10, 2009

Jews may be waving a Palestinian flag at a demonstration on Sunday — while the Israeli flag will be displayed by a group of fascists.

This surreal prospect follows the adoption of the Israeli flag by some British extreme rightwingers.

Members of the English Defence League clashed with anti-racists in Birmingham on Saturday. Prominent in some of the photographs were demonstrators waving an Israeli flag. At least one Muslim website has claimed a “connection between the EDL and Zionists”.


So, Boris, fasting for Yom Kippur?

By Marcus Dysch, September 10, 2009

When Mayor of London Boris Johnson last week urged non-Muslims to fast for a day during Ramadan to learn more about Islam, it was perhaps inevitable that someone would enquire as to his views on the benefits of non-Jews fasting on Yom Kippur.

Perhaps it was equally inevitable that Mr Johnson’s response would come in his trademark garbled fashion.


JFS admits child of non-Orthodox convert

By Simon Rocker, September 10, 2009

JFS has accepted the child of a non-Orthodox-converted mother as a first-year pupil, despite its previous rejection of such children because they are not considered Jewish by the Chief Rabbi.

The Orthodox school, based in Kenton, north London, refused to admit any U-turn or say whether the decision had been taken because of a Court of Appeal ruling earlier this summer declaring its entry policy to be unlawful.

Russell Kett, chairman of JFS governors, said: “The school does not comment on individual applicants or students.”


Circumcision baby died of natural causes

By Robyn Rosen, September 9, 2009

Amitai Moshe, the baby who died shortly after his brit, died of natural causes totally unrelated to his circumcision, a coroner has ruled today.

Amitai was circumcised on February 1 2007 in Golders Green Synagogue but about 35 minutes after the ceremony, whilst his mother was breastfeeding him, he began to turn blue and blood was seen around his mouth.


Baby death 'not caused by circumcision"

By Robyn Rosen, September 9, 2009

Britain's leading expert on cot death, Professor Peter Fleming, has declared that Amitai Moshe did not die as a result of having had a circumcision.

Giving evidence today, at Hornsey Coroners Court Professor Fleming was question by Jonathan Goldberg QC. Mr Goldberg said: "We can rule out the fact that the circumcision caused the death?"

Professor Fleming replied: "Yes, that is my view."


Adam Foulds nominated for Man Booker Prize

By Jessica Elgot, September 9, 2009

Novelist Adam Foulds, has had his third book The Quickening Maze shortlisted for the Man Booker Prize.

The son of New Essex Masorti Rabbi Michael Foulds, Mr Foulds, 34, was named Sunday Times Young Writer of the Year in 2008 for his debut novel The Truth About These Strange Times.

He has also won the Costa poetry prize and the Somerset Maugham Award from the Society of Authors for his poetic narrative The Broken Word a 60-page narrative poem about brutality during the Mau Mau uprisings in 1950s colonial Kenya,


Hatzola 'not to blame' for Brit baby’s death

By Robyn Rosen, September 8, 2009

The coroner at the inquest of a baby who died after his brit has praised the strictly Orthodox ambulance service that took him to hospital, after the baby’s father questioned the first aiders’ techniques.

Amitai Moshe was circumcised on February 1 2007 in Golders Green Synagogue but shortly after the ceremony he began to turn blue and blood was seen around his mouth.


Circumcision baby inquest: the latest

September 8, 2009

Andrew Walker, the coroner hearing the inquest on the death of the baby Amitai Moshe, has ruled that there should be a change in wording in the pathologist's report written after the baby's death in February 2007.

Evidence given at the Hornsey Coroners' Court inquest indicated that the baby boy was in all probability clinically dead at Golders Green Synagogue, where his brit had been performed earlier. He was not pronounced dead until eight days later, at University College Hospital.


Circumcision baby may have died in shul

By Robyn Rosen, September 7, 2009

Amitai Moshe, the baby who died eight days after his brit in Golders Green Synagogue, may have clinically died at the shul itself, a London inquest heard.

Amitai was circumcised on February 1 2007 but shortly after the ceremony he began to turn blue and blood was seen around his mouth and nose.

Two medically trained guests and the mohel attempted to resuscitate him.