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Imperial War Museum says sorry for branding Jewish fighters against the Nazis ‘terrorists’

By Sandy Rashty, September 22, 2015

The Imperial War Museum has apologised for posting an image that described Jewish soldiers who fought the Nazis during the Second World War as “terrorists”.

The Museum said it was sorry after a representative “accidentally” uploaded the image of the fighters to its website with the caption: “Terrorist activities: Men of the First Battalion Jewish Brigade during a march past.”


Police drop probe into alleged hate remarks at anti-Netanyahu protest

By Sandy Rashty, September 22, 2015

Police have dropped an investigation into a complaint made against a pro-Palestinian activist.

Last week, Jewish Human Rights Watch reported a video which appeared to show a woman supporting the killing of Jews at an anti-Israel protest outside Downing Street on September 9.


Holocaust survivors urge David Cameron to support refugees

By JC Reporter, September 22, 2015

Two Holocaust survivors have gone to Downing Street to present a letter to David Cameron asking him to support refugees.

The two men, 89-year-old rabbi Dr Harry Jacobi and Ernest Simon who were members of the Kindertransport, led a group of rabbis to Downing Street on Monday to present the letter signed by over 100 rabbis from across the Jewish community.


Government minister Baroness Williams to attend launch of Jewish-Muslim women’s group

By Sandy Rashty, September 21, 2015

Communities Minister Baroness Williams will speak at the formal launch of a Jewish-Muslim women’s group next month.

The Tory peer is set to welcome the launch of government-backed initiative Nisa-Nashim, an interfaith body aiming to strengthen relations between the two communities.


"Dear Mr Corbyn – will you attend our pro-Israel event?"

By Marcus Dysch, September 21, 2015

Jeremy Corbyn has been invited to speak at Labour Friends of Israel’s reception at next week’s party conference in Brighton.

It is traditional for the party’s leader or spokesman on foreign affairs to address the event. Mr Corbyn has a long history of anti-Israel activism.


Best-selling author Jackie Collins dies, aged 77

September 21, 2015

Best-selling author Jackie Collins, who has died from breast cancer aged 77, was a member of a Jewish theatrical dynasty with its roots in music hall.

The London-born younger sister of actress Dame Joan Collins kept her illness secret for six years before going public a few days before her death. Dame Joan was said to be devastated.


Liberal Democrats welcome back Israel advocates at annual conference

By Marcus Dysch, September 21, 2015

Supporters of Israel could find a warm welcome in the new-look Liberal Democrats, party members suggested this week as delegates attended their annual conference.


Interview: Sadiq Khan - 'Believe me, I won't be another Ken Livingstone'

By Marcus Dysch, September 20, 2015

London’s mayoral elections have been some of the most personal in British political history. So prominent, and indeed notorious, have the past two holders of the role been, that only first names were needed: Ken and Boris.

Enter stage left, Sadiq. Labour’s former Communities Minister, Sadiq Khan, won the race to fight to reclaim City Hall from the Conservatives earlier this month.


Jeremy Corbyn: 'My Jewish ancestry'

By Simon Rocker, September 18, 2015

New Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has said that he has some Jewish ancestry.

In an interview in today’s Church Times, he revealed that there was a “Jewish element” in the family.

His mother Naomi was a Bible-reading agnostic “brought up in a religious environment and her brother was a vicar, and there was quite a lot of clergy in her family,” he said.


BBC apologises over 'antisemitic' illustration in Proms programme

By Rosa Doherty, September 18, 2015

The BBC has apologised for causing offence after an "antisemitic" illustration was included in a BBC Proms programme.

Gillian Stern, from Finchley, said she was shocked that a "hideously and very obviously antisemitic cartoon" of the violinist Leopold Auer appeared in the programme for a Proms performance of Tchaikovsky's Violin Concerto.