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UK Peace Now rejuvenated, 'Brits' and all

By Simon Rocker, January 19, 2012

A group of young activists is planning to relaunch the British branch of the Israeli protest movement, Peace Now.


Lord Sacks leaves charity

January 19, 2012

The Chief Rabbi has resigned as honorary director of troubled Israeli poverty charity, Hazon Yeshaya.

The British Friends of the charity closed last month, following other chapters around the world over allegations of financial mismanagement at the soup kitchen charity, and complaints it had misled supporters by funding religious training.

An independent audit appeared to clear the charity o


£700 apology from Dubai gym after Auschwitz ad

January 19, 2012

The British gym owner who used an image of Auschwitz to promote weight loss in his Dubai fitness centre is to donate £700 to a Leeds Holocaust charity. The money from weekend takings at The Circuit Factory gym will be donated to the Holocaust Survivors Friendship Association.

Owner Phil Parkinson came under fire for using an image of Auschwitz, with the caption "Kiss your calories goodbye".


'Nazi' students hit protester on LSE ski trip

By Marcus Dysch, January 19, 2012

A student has described how his nose was broken in an antisemitic attack during a university ski trip.

The second-year student, who does not want to be identified, had been socialising with colleagues from the London School of Economics' student union's athletics union.


Miracle on the Costa Concordia Shabbat shipwreck

By Jennifer Lipman, January 19, 2012

A newlywed couple who survived the Costa Concordia shipwreck will give thanks for their narrow escape with a special kiddush at Stanmore Synagogue tomorrow.

Ian and Janice Donoff had just finished the first Friday-night dinner of their honeymoon and were looking forward to Shabbat overlooking the Mediterranean when they heard a crunching noise and the lights on board went out.


Jewish school pupils taught how to 'cure gays'

By Jessica Elgot, January 19, 2012

JFS has provoked anger from parents and pupils by teaching sixth formers that homosexuality can be "cured".

As part of the school's Jewish studies curriculum, pupils are shown a website from the American group JONAH - Jews Offering New Alternatives to Homosexuality.


Dutch Jews suspend their rabbi over homosexuality views

By Simon Rocker, January 19, 2012

In a further controversy over the US 'gay cure' group JONAH, the Chief Rabbi of Amsterdam's Orthodox Ashkenazi community was suspended this week after signing a declaration that homosexuals should learn to overcome their inclinations.

New York-based Rabbi Aryeh Ralbag, who visits the Netherlands a few times a year, put his name to a declaration, signed by 180 Orthodox rabbis, educators and psyc


Clegg ups rhetoric on settlements to Abbas's delight

By Martin Bright, January 19, 2012

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has described Israeli settlement building as "an act of deliberate vandalism" in a sign that the UK is hardening its rhetoric towards the Netanyahu government.


Calvin Klein bra advert ruled OK despite Charedi complaint

By Jennifer Lipman, January 18, 2012

A claim that a lingerie advert placed on buses that ran through Stamford Hill was "offensive" and "irresponsible" has been rejected by the advertisers' watchdog because there was "no explicit nudity".


Ed Miliband lookalike death threat tweeter arrested

By Jennifer Lipman, January 17, 2012

A man who allegedly posted antisemitic and threatening messages on Twitter directed at women has been arrested.

Professional Ed Miliband lookalike Shereef Abdallah was arrested today "on suspicion of sending by communication network an offensive or abusive or obscene message".