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Auction offers chance to serve tea on Hitler's silver tray

By Jennifer Lipman, February 22, 2012

Hosts aiming to make an impression on their afternoon guests could soon be serving tea on a tray that once belonged to Hitler.

The silver tray, given to the Nazi leader in honour of his 50th birthday in April 1939 – just a few months before the outbreak of war - goes up for auction next week.


Sunday Times journalist Marie Colvin killed in Syria

By Jennifer Lipman, February 22, 2012

Veteran journalist Marie Colvin is believed to have been killed in the Syrian city of Homs.

According to Reuters, the American-born Ms Colvin and a French photographer were trapped in a house that was being shelled, but were hit in a rocket attack as they attempted to flee.


UK showing for Israeli series that inspired Homeland

By Jennifer Lipman, February 21, 2012

A hit Israeli television series about a returning prisoner of war is to be screened in Britain later this year.

Hatufim (Prisoners of War), which follows the attempts of two Israeli reservists kidnapped in Lebanon to rebuild their lives after they return home 17 years later, will air on Sky Arts 1 from May.


Students clash at Israel Apartheid Week

By Marcus Dysch, February 20, 2012

Jewish students have clashed with anti-Israel protesters during a fight at the London School of Economics.

A scuffle broke out between Jewish and Israeli students and demonstrators who had erected a mock "Israeli apartheid wall" as part of an Israel Apartheid Week protest.

LSE's Israel Society condemned the violent scenes and claimed a Jewish student was injured in the melee.


Alleged egg attackers charged

By Jennifer Lipman, February 20, 2012

Four men have been charged following a spate of alleged "drive-by" egg-throwing attacks which targeted Jews.

The charges follow the incidents in December last year in Hendon and Golders Green, north west London, when eggs were allegedly thrown from passing vehicles at religious Jews walking in the areas.


Jobcentres accused of 'Friday' antisemitism

By Jonathan Kalmus, February 17, 2012

Two Jobcentres in Greater Manchester have been accused of institutionalised antisemitism after cancelling jobseekers' benefit payments to Jews who keep Shabbat.


UKIP peer makes 'offensive' Auschwitz remark in EU debate

By Jennifer Lipman, February 17, 2012

A UK Independence Party peer has been condemned for making an "offensive" remark comparing the German Finance Minister's attitude to the economy with tat of the Nazis at Auschwitz.

Lord Willoughby de Broke made the comment twice during a debate on the European Union on Thursday.


Charlie Chaplin a 'secret Jew' claim in FBI and MI6 files

By Bernard Josephs, February 17, 2012

Was the great comedian Charlie Chaplin secretly Jewish? His mixture of pathos and humour had a Jewish "feel" and fans were all too ready to believe that his real name was Israel Thornstein.

This was the alias he was given by the FBI and MI6 in secret papers released by the National Archive this week.


Rabbis left without a prayer at councils

By Jennifer Lipman, February 16, 2012

Rabbis from across the religious spectrum have decried the High Court ruling prohibiting prayer sessions at council meetings.

The ruling stems from a court case brought by a former Devon councillor and backed by the National Secular Society. Communities Secretary Eric Pickles has derided the ban as a challenge to the "fundamental and hard-fought" British "right to worship".


Yad Vashem leads British teachers in Holocaust course

By Jessica Elgot, February 16, 2012

The Holocaust is embedded in the national curriculum, and a core part of education at Jewish schools. But how much do teachers really know, and how do you teach a six-year-old, or even a 16-year-old, about gas chambers?

Israel's Holocaust memorial centre, Yad Vashem, last week flew in 20 British teachers for an intensive week-long course on how to teach the Holocaust to Jewish children.