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Wanted: high fliers to lead Jewish Community Centre

By Jenni Frazer, April 11, 2012

The Jewish Community Centre for London's announcement that it is seeking a new chief executive means that three high-profile Jewish community posts are now up for grabs.

Aside from the JCC job, the chief executive position at Bicom, the Britain Israel Communications and Research Centre, until recently held by Lorna Fitzsimons; and the chief executive role at the United Jewish Israel Appeal, who


Blood libel cleric Salah told: you're welcome to stay

By Marcus Dysch, April 11, 2012

Senior judges have ruled that a leading Islamic political activist is free to stay in Britain despite having given a sermon in which he invoked the antisemitic blood libel.


UK government criticises Gaza death penalty for 'collaborator'

By Jennifer Lipman, April 11, 2012

A British government minister has express concern about the execution of three men in Gaza this weekend, including one killed for allegedly collaborating with Israel.

Hamas announced that the death penalty was enforced on the weekend, with the other two of those killed found guilty of murder.


Tesco shoppers find matzah meal not for Passover

By Jennifer Lipman, April 5, 2012

Shoppers undertaking last minute Pesach preparations are being advised to check the packaging of Tesco matzah meal after customers found it was not certified for the festival.


Students are honoured for their commitment

By Jennifer Lipman, April 4, 2012

The president of the LSE Jewish Society was honoured for his efforts in challenging antisemitism on campus at the Union of Jewish Students awards.

Jay Stoll led the response when a Jewish LSE student was physically assaulted by his peers on an athletics union university ski trip. He had confronted them for playing a Nazi-themed card game.


Paddick condemns Labour over Livingstone

By Marcus Dysch, April 4, 2012

Brian Paddick, the Liberal Democrats' London mayoral election candidate, said this week that his Labour opponent had used "dog- whistle tactics to play divide and rule" and declared: "Labour should be ashamed to have him as a candidate".


Secular, no community and rejected

April 4, 2012

You have met them in your butcher, your baker, possibly even your candlestick-makers and they teach in your children's schools. But did you know there are nearly 80,000 Israelis living and working in Britain?

As many as 70 per cent are believed to be entrepreneurs. But Israelis are also bankers, bakers, teachers, fundraisers, psychologists, artists and work across all the professions.


Battle of the maps takes a new turn

By Simon Rocker, April 4, 2012

The Israel Government Tourist Office has been cleared of breaching advertising standards for a promotion of Jerusalem in the latest battle over tourism publicity.

More than a half dozen complaints over adverts for Israel or the Palestinian Territories have been adjudicated by the Advertising Standards Authority over the past three years.

Only a fortnight ago, the ASA upheld a complaint again


Yolanda becomes Flora in Germany

By Jennifer Lipman, April 4, 2012

GCSE revision and preparations for Israel tour would be enough to keep most Jewish teenagers busy over the next few months, but Yolanda Shamash will also be starring in an opera in Germany.

The 15-year-old from Palmers Green is to share the part of Flora in the opera version of Henry James's ghost story The Turn of the Screw.

The opera, written by Benjamin Britten, is being staged in the 1,3


Irish Justice Minister is targeted on YouTube

By Marcus Dysch, April 4, 2012

The video-sharing site YouTube has closed the account of a user who posted antisemitic clips attacking the Irish Justice Minister.Alan Shatter, the only Jewish member of Ireland's lower house of parliament - Dáil Éireann - asked police to investigate. One video claimed he was a "Jewish nation-wrecker" who was "destroying Ireland".