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Court rejects Todros Grynhaus’s appeal against jail sentence for child sex assaults

By JC Reporter, January 29, 2016

Todros Grynhaus, a “dangerous and manipulative” former teacher who abused two teenage girls has had his appeal against his prison sentence thrown out.

Todros Grynhaus, a rabbi's son and prominent member of the Charedi community in Salford, was jailed for 13 year and two months at Manchester Crown Court last July.


Winton’s son reflects on legacy of Kindertransport arrivals

By John Fisher, January 28, 2016

Sir Nicholas Winton's son, Nick, told the 300 guests at an HMD cere-mony at Leeds Town Hall on Sunday that his late father was "a good example of the flow of life.


Yavneh issues new data for entry figures

By Charlotte Oliver, January 28, 2016

A Jewish school has issued a new table of data showing the likely effect on admissions of proposals to end its feeder school system.

Yavneh College produced the new table after parents argued that an original set of statistics showed that some families would lose out under the proposed new arrangement.


Caterer could boycott rally refusal venue

By Josh Jackman, January 28, 2016

A leading kosher caterer has said she would be "reluctant" to work at a venue which pulled out of hosting a major pro-Israel rally.

Potential clients who wanted to hold a simchah at the facility would not be encouraged to do so, Celia Clyne said.


Israeli speaker tells King's College: defy thugs by inviting me back

By Naomi Firsht, January 28, 2016

The speaker whose talk at King's College London was halted by violent anti-Israel protests last week has called on the university to show its support for free speech by inviting him back.


Church venue for HMD causes upset

By Josh Jackman, January 28, 2016

Some Cardiff Jews boycotted the city’s Holocaust commemoration because it was held in a cathedral.


Survivor is saddened by refugee crisis response

By Josh Jackman, January 28, 2016

Rudi Oppenheimer, who spent 15 months in Bergen-Belsen, has warned teenagers that the world "has not learned a thing yet" about the importance of offering a home to endangered refugees.

The testimony of Mr Oppenheimer to pupils of Pimlico Academy in Westminster was live-streamed to more than 200 schools on Wednesday morning.


‘Looking back, it’s impossible to believe what happened’

By Josh Jackman, January 28, 2016

Joan Salter's message to young people is that "even in the most terrible times, there were still individuals willing to stand up and say it [the Shoah] was wrong. When your life is in danger, it's hard to be the first one to stand up. We must not underestimate the courage that's needed."


Tory mayor candidate Zac Goldsmith out to stop ‘weird’ Labour

By Marcus Dysch, January 28, 2016

Zac Goldsmith, the Conservative candidate for the London mayoral election, has called Labour "aggressively extreme" with its leader Jeremy Corbyn representing a "real danger" to the Jewish community and the country.

Mr Goldsmith, whose late father Sir James Goldsmith and grandfather were Jewish, will take on Labour candidate Sadiq Khan in May.


School admissions plan will put communities’ futures at risk, say rabbis

By Charlotte Oliver, January 27, 2016

Three United Synagogue rabbis have warned that a Jewish secondary school’s plan to change its admissions policy could spell disaster for thriving communities in Hertfordshire.

The rabbis — Meir Salasnik of Bushey, Jonathan Hughes of Radlett and Ephraim Levine of Watford — said Yavneh College’s proposal to end its feeder school system would mean an exodus of young families.