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Ceasefire holds in Gaza as Nick Clegg criticises 'disproportionate' Israel

By Marcus Dysch, July 17, 2014

The latest ceasefire between Israel and Hamas is holding, more than an hour after it came into effect.

Both sides agreed to hold fire for five hours to allow humanitarian aid to enter Gaza, after nine days of extended fighting.

The truce began at 10am (8am UK) local time and is due to expire at 3pm (1pm UK).


Former soldier Tobias Ellwood appointed UK’s Middle East Minister

By Marcus Dysch, July 16, 2014

Tobias Ellwood has been appointed as the new Middle East Minister at the Foreign Office in David Cameron’s government reshuffle.

Mr Ellwood’s promotion was one of the last to be announced and came after former minister Hugh Robertson resigned.

The MP for Bournemouth East arrives in the midst of the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas terrorists in Gaza.


Guardian blames ceasefire failure on Israel

By Charlotte Oliver, July 15, 2014

A tweet from the Guardian caused an outcry on Wednesday, after it incorrectly blamed Israel for ignoring the ceasefire with Hamas.

The newspaper wrote on its official Twitter account, which is seen by 2.4 million followers: “Gaza ceasefire collapses as Israel army resumes attack.”


United Synagogue makes history as four women voted to top table

By Simon Rocker, July 15, 2014

It may not have been as revolutionary as the Church of England at last approving women bishops.

But the United Synagogue, Britain’s largest Orthodox synagogue grouping, took a historic step last night by voting women on to its executive for the first time.


Missing teenager found in central London

By Sandy Rashty, July 14, 2014

Police have found the Jewish teenager who had been missing since Friday.

Asher Sekenofsky, 15, had not been seen since leaving his home in Edgware, north west London, at 7.30pm on Friday.

He was spotted at around midday today on Tottenham Court Road, central London, by a volunteer for community security group Shomrim.


Swastika daubed on Hendon house

By Rosa Doherty, July 14, 2014

Vandals have painted antisemitic graffiti on a Jewish home in Hendon.

An image of a swastika was daubed above the front door of a property on Sunday night.

The Community Security Trust, which monitors antisemitism,said: “We are aware of the graffiti and we are working with the police on all reported incidents of antisemitism.”


Hundreds join search for missing teenager

By Marcus Dysch, July 14, 2014

Hundreds of volunteers have joined a search for a missing Jewish teenager.

Asher Sekenofsky, 15, has not been seen since leaving his home in Edgware, north west London, at 7.30pm on Friday.

The Hasmonean High School pupil has severe learning difficulties and police said his disappearance was a “high risk” incident.


'Heartless' councils deny funding for children

By Rosa Doherty, July 11, 2014

A special education consultant has hit out at local authorities for having "no heart" in denying Jewish families the right to send their disabled children to a residential Jewish school in Manchester.

Rabbi Michael Bernstein, who runs EMBEE, a consultancy service for parents with disabled children, said that while his family had received funding, others had not been so lucky.


EcoStream supporters will fight on

By Sandy Rashty, July 10, 2014

Pro-Israel groups have denied that the closure of the Israeli-owned EcoStream store is a victory forboycotters.

The shop, which sold SodaStream products made in a West Bank factory, was closed last week, with SodaStream saying that, after a two-year test period, it had decided to focus its business in other areas.


Volunteers celebrated

By Charlotte Oliver, July 10, 2014

More than 400 pupils and their parents celebrated a busy year for young volunteering at the Yoni Jesner Awards in central London last week.

The scheme, which was set up in memory of the Scottish student killed aged 19 in a Tel Aviv suicide bombing in 2002, rewards students who complete more than 200 hours of voluntary service. This year, more than 180 students were given awards.