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LSE probe praise for bomber

By Naomi Firsht, February 5, 2015

The London School of Economics is investigating comments made at a meeting held on Holocaust Memorial Day after complaints from Jewish students.

At a panel discussion, hosted jointly by the Palestine and Feminist Societies, speaker Rana Baker allegedly said Lebanese suicide bomber Sana Mehaidli was "admirable" and "deserves a standing ovation".

Mehaidli killed two IDF soldiers when she explo


Charity hands out £20 million

By Sandy Rashty, February 5, 2015

A prominent Jewish charitable foundation has marked its 50th anniversary by handing out £20 million to organisations in the UK and Israel.

The Wohl Legacy said it was splitting £6.5 million between welfare groups Jewish Care and Nightingale Hammerson, and TrainE-TraidE, a Jewish employment charity.


League tables: how did your school do?

By Charlotte Oliver, February 5, 2015

The results are in and it looks like Jewish schools are continuing to do well in both their A-Level and GCSE results, according to performance tables released last week.


The added value of a Jewish education

February 5, 2015

Among the plethora of government data made available last week, impressive scores among Jewish schools were their "value-added" figures.

This mark, given to all state-aided schools, indicates how far above expectations pupils performed at GCSE, considering their ability on entry.


Dropping IGCSEs is wrong, says head

February 5, 2015

While this year's league tables provide a comprehensive guide to school performance, they also point to some confusing anomalies - one being that schools whose pupils only sit International GCSEs carry a mark of zero.


CST figures show 2014 worst year on record for hate

By Marcus Dysch, February 5, 2015

More antisemitic incidents were recorded in Britain in 2014 than ever before, the Community Security Trust has revealed.

There were 1,168 cases reported to the charity — the highest since its records began.

The figure was more than double the number in the previous year, and included the worst-ever month. Last July saw 314 cases of Jew-hatred.


Ukip in apparent backtrack over shechita ban

By JCReporter, February 4, 2015

Ukip leaders are now backtracking over the party’s decision to ban non-stun religious slaughter and appear to be engaged in a partial reversal of their previous reversal of policy.

In the latest UKIP statement, Paul Nuttall, an MEP and the Ukip deputy leader, says that he was “surprised” when the party’s National Executive Committee agreed to the ban earlier this week.


Concern voiced over church material on Israel

By Simon Rocker, February 4, 2015

A series of readings produced by a church body for Christians at Lent has aroused concern over their negative portrayal of Israel.

Both the Board of Deputies and the Council of Christians and Jews have taken issue with some of the material published online by Churches Together in Britain and Ireland, an umbrella group for different denominations.


Ofcom clarifies ruling over Tim Willcox

By Rosa Doherty, February 4, 2015

Ofcom’s has clarified its decision not to uphold complaints against BBC reporter Tim Willcox over remarks he made to a Jewish woman.

Mr Willcox told the woman that “Palestinians suffer hugely at Jewish hands as well” during an interview following the terrorist attack on a kosher supermarket in Paris in which four Jews were murdered.


Jewish Ukip candidate threatens to resign over religious slaughter policy

By Sandy Rashty, February 4, 2015

The Ukip candidate standing in one of the UK’s most Jewish constituencies has threatened to resign unless the party reverses its ban on non-stun slaughter.

Jeremy Zeid, who is standing for Ukip in Hendon, north-west London, made the comments after the party announced it would ban non-stun slaughter.