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Israel’s Arab diplomat tells StandWithUs guests why he backs the Jewish state

By Rosa Doherty, May 1, 2015

Pro-Israel grassroots group StandWithUs UK held its first annual reception on Thursday, with Arab-Israeli diplomat George Deek telling the 270 guests that Arab and Jews in Israel shared common goals and fears.

Mr Deek, who was guest of honour at the event at St Johns Wood Synagogue, was making his first official visit to the UK.

He explained why he champions the Jewish state.


London Marathon: Cheers and tears for runners

By JCReporter, April 30, 2015

Welfare charity Emunah is looking for a £35,000 running total, having raised more than £12,000 in sponsorship for its marathon team from its Pesach appeal to add to the amounts raised individually by a team of eight, plus a mini-marathon entrant.“We took a chance with this new approach in asking for support for our runners instead of our usual appeal, and it has worked well,” said Emunah dir


Pesach clash for 2016 dims joy of bumper charity year

By Josh Jackman, April 30, 2015

London Marathon entrants from the Jewish community have raised hundreds of thousands of pounds for charity. But the total looks likely to be much lower next year.

This is because the marathon organisers have decided to hold the 2016 event on April 24, the second day of Pesach, ruling out the participation of Orthodox runners.


Ein Gewinner! (That's German for winner)

By Charlotte Oliver, April 30, 2015

For many of us, Google Translate may be the closest we get to speaking to a foreigner in their mother tongue.

But not so Jonah Cowen, a language enthusiast and City of London School pupil.


John Galliano is 'man of dignity' says rabbi who invited him to shul

By Sandy Rashty, April 29, 2015

John Galliano will speak at the launch of a West End of London Jewish learning programme sponsored by the Chief Rabbinate.

The fashion designer was invited to next month’s event by Central Synagogue's rabbi, Barry Marcus, who has helped him repair relations with the Jewish community after he was sacked by Christian Dior four years ago for an antisemitic rant in a Paris bar.


Girl told to 'enjoy it' by alleged sex abuser

By JC Reporter, April 29, 2015

A woman who claims she was sexually abused as a teenager by a strictly Orthodox teacher burst into tears in court as she described being ordered to “enjoy it” while she was molested.

The woman said she was attacked by Todros Grynhaus when she was aged between 14 and 15.

Mr Grynhaus, the son of a rabbi, was a respected member of the Charedi community in Salford.


Israeli company must rebuild Maida Vale pub brick by brick

By Rosa Doherty, April 29, 2015

Israeli developers who demolished a historic London pub without permission could be forced to rebuild it brick by brick.

Tel Aviv-based tax lawyer Ori Calif is director of CLTX Ltd, the company which owns the Carlton Tavern in Maida Vale, north London.

The building was knocked down earlier this month ahead of potential redevelopment of the site.


Football fracas

By Josh Jackman, April 29, 2015

Police are investigating reports that an amateur footballer headbutted a spectator during a Jewish Sunday league match.

The alleged offender, believed to be solicitor Mike Filson, a player for the South Manchester Sports team, is said to have assaulted Leeds Maccabi commitee member Elliot Landy during a Manchester Jewish Soccer League fixture.


Israeli artist shortlisted for BP Portrait Award

By Sandy Rashty, April 29, 2015

An Israeli painter is in the running to winning a prestigious award worth £35,000.

Matan Ben-Cnaan is one of three artists shortlisted for the BP Portrait Award.

He was chosen for his oil painting Annabelle and Guy, inspired by the biblical story of Jephthah


Ed Miliband: I’m a strong friend of Israel but I was right over Gaza

By Marcus Dysch, April 29, 2015

Ed Miliband has defended his criticism of Israel during last summer’s Gaza conflict, saying he was right to describe the military action as “wrong and unjustifiable”.

In an interview with the JC to be published on Thursday, Mr Miliband said he was committed to obtaining “security for Israel and a viable and secure Palestinian state”.