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Antisemitic attack victims demand apology from Cambridge University authorities

By Daniel Sugarman, December 1, 2016

Two students who were the victims of an alleged antisemitic incident are attempting to take their case to Cambridge University authorities, after claiming a college gave the perpetrators minimal punishment.


Survey of Jewish students

By Lianne Kolirin, December 1, 2016

The National Union of Students has launched a survey of the experiences of Jewish students at UK universities.

It is the first time the union has conducted research into a faith group.

"Self-defining" Jewish students are being invited to answer a range of questions on campus life.


Rabbis back Chief over partnership minyanim

By Lee Harpin, December 1, 2016

United Synagogue leaders have expressed "full support" for the Chief Rabbi's latest statement on partnership minyanim.

But Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis's letter - to rabbis and rebbetzens under his auspices - was also hailed as a positive step forward within the partnership minyanim movement.

The JC contacted 32 Orthodox minister to gauge individual opinion to the Chief Rabbi's latest intervention.


Edxit means Judge stays in

By Charlotte Oliver, December 1, 2016

Seeing Judge Robert Rinder and Ed Balls plummet into the dance-off on Sunday evening was a sad experience. After all when it came to entertainment, they absolutely stole the Strictly show.

In the end, it was the former MP who was unanimously voted out by the judges, after delivering a hilarious, tango in the guise of a male model strutting down the catwalk.


Labour's Tom Watson admits shame over antisemitism crisis

By Marcus Dysch, December 1, 2016

Tom Watson, Labour's deputy leader, has said his party has a "moral responsibility" to tackle antisemitism among its members.

He told guests at Labour Friends of Israel's annual lunch in Westminster on Tuesday he was ashamed of incidents of Jew-hate among Labour members.


The view from the one secular house

By Lianne Kolirin, December 1, 2016

The house looks like any other on a residential street in Stamford Hill.

Yet a sticker pasted in the window by the front door hints at the quiet revolution behind this unassuming entrance.

"I can and I will.


UJS presidential election: the candidates set our their policies

December 1, 2016

What are your priorities as a candidate?

Josh Holt
I have benefited enormously from the amazing opportunities UJS has to offer and I would like to see more Jewish students engage and benefit in the way I have.


Demands on new faith schools opposed

By Simon Rocker, December 1, 2016

The Jewish Leadership Council's education division has objected to conditions the government plans to attach to the opening of new free faith schools.

Partnerships for Jewish Schools (Pajes) is "disturbed" by proposals which it says single out faith schools.

Pajes has welcomed plans to lift the cap which currently restricts religious free schools to selecting only half their applicants on th


Taking the lead, the legal experts who are showing the way to defend against antisemitism

By Daniel Sugarman, December 1, 2016

You may not have heard of UK Lawyers for Israel, but you have probably come across some of its handiwork.

The group has been instrumental in a number of significant victories for pro-Israel campaigns and against antisemitism in the UK.


Heart disease is the UK's No.1 killer - here's how to beat it

By Professor Huon Gray, December 1, 2016

The heart is a remarkable organ. It beats approximately 100,000 times a day, 35 million times a year - and at least three billion times over your lifetime if you live to the age of 80.

Given that workload, it's perhaps surprising that it doesn't go wrong more often.