Tony Benn: 'Expel the Israel envoy'

By Marcus Dysch, January 22, 2009

Former Labour MP Tony Benn used a demonstration in Trafalgar Square to call for Israel’s ambassador to Britain to be expelled from the country.

Speaking last Saturday, Mr Benn, president of the Stop the War Coalition, accused Israel of committing war crimes in Gaza and said Ron Prosor should be banished in response.

He also said Israeli airlines should be banned from landing planes at British airports.

Similar calls to remove Mr Prosor were made during a parliamentary debate on the conflict last week.

The Israeli Embassy’s Lior Ben-Dor said: “The ambassador is not at all concerned about these ridiculous and odd comments. These people represent only marginalised sections of public opinion. Israel and Britain are like-minded states and are determined to combat terrorism.”

Last updated: 1:57pm, January 22 2009