The secret of a successful house sale: a mezuzah

By Simon Round, March 5, 2009

With property prices in freefall, many home-owners who need to sell are desperately looking for way of maximising the price of their properties.

But according to a survey due to be released on Monday, the answer could be under their noses.

North London-based property website,, has revealed that houses and flats with a mezuzah on the front door are selling for approximately £10,000 more than those without the small cylinder containing Hebrew parchment.

It may sound odd, but some are claiming that the disparity can be explained by the fact that Jewish homes are generally situated in more affluent areas.

Peter Mordechai who runs the website and commissioned the survey insists this is not the case.

“Homes with a mezuzah, sold since October, have achieved a higher price regardless of whether they are in a Jewish area, or even whether they are owned by Jews,” he said.

“It is very hard to explain this phenomenon. It could be that other Jews viewing properties are subliminally influenced by the presence of a mezuzah but this cannot be the whole explanation. It’s a mystery.”

Since the results of the survey were leaked this week, retailers selling mezuzot have recorded a surge in sales.

Esther Black, manageress of Judaica sellers, Stein’s in Edgware, North-West London, confirmed the trend: “We have sold three times as many mezuzot as usual in the past few days, and not just to Jews.

“We have had inquiries from Poles, Indians and even a Chinese gentleman, not the type of customers we normally get here at all.”

Last updated: 1:40pm, March 9 2009