Suicide-bomb sitcom attacked by Board

By Robyn Rosen, August 20, 2009

An online comedy about a group of Muslim suicide bombers in Britain could cause “gratuitous offence”, the chief executive of the Board of Deputies has warned.

Living with the Infidels, a sitcom which was launched on the web on Thursday, centres on a Bradford-based terror cell who are “set on a path to martyrdom” but are tempted by football, the pub and busty women.

The production company, The System Predicts, led by film-maker Aasaf Ainapore, claim the series has been made with the support of a senior, though unnamed, member of the Muslim Council of Britain.

A synopsis of the series, posted on its own website and YouTube, says: “Initially set on a path to martyrdom, Yorkshire’s jihadi warriors discover the West isn’t as bad as it seems.

“Tempted by the likes of Man U, cable TV and ample Abi upstairs, what’s a man to do? Will they find Paradise in the arms of 72 virgins, or is Shangri-La closer to home, propped up at the bar in The Dog and Duck?”

Mel Brooks did the same with his comedy show

Aasaf Ainapore

Jon Benjamin, chief executive of the Board of Deputies, said: “We haven’t seen the programme, and comedy can be a good way of addressing difficult social issues, but the programme- makers should be aware of the dangers of stereotyping and causing gratuitous offence.”

But Mr Ainapore said: “I’m not trying to cause offence. I’m trying to use comedy to change people’s thinking.

“A way to talk about serious issues is through comedy. Mel Brooks did a similar thing with The Producers and I don’t remember the Muslim community pointing a finger at him and saying it was offensive to Jews.”

Last updated: 9:31am, August 21 2009