Students across the country achieve record-breaking GCSE results

By Marcus Dysch, August 26, 2008
Students at Jewish schools across the country have again achieved record-breaking GCSE results.

The majority achieved a 100 per cent pass rate, bettering the national average of 98 per cent.

Pupils at Hasmonean High School in North West London achieved the school's best ever results, with 94 per cent gaining five or more A* to C-grades.

Among the most outstanding achievements was Rebecca Sassoon's 13 A* grades. She was one of 39 students who each received at least 10 A* and A-grades.

David Fuller, Hasmonean's executive head teacher, thanked staff and pupils for their hard work and said: "These excellent results mark another significant step forward in our continuing drive to be outstanding in all aspects of our work."

At JFS, 44 students achieved A* and A grades in every subject. Liora Witner was among the most successful, with 11 A* passes.

More than 30 pupils were also fast-tracked onto an AS Level scheme, allowing them to sit exams in Jewish Studies, French and Hebrew one year ahead of schedule.

Head teacher Jonathan Miller said: "I am thrilled that these results show outstanding success for students across the ability range. Our most able students have also responded magnificently to the opportunity offered to them to achieve success at AS Level a year early."

Among the Jewish students excelling at mainstream schools was 12-year-old Alexandra Evans.

Her A* grade in Maths saw her become one of the youngest pupils in the country to pass a GCSE.

Tutored by her father, maths teacher Richard, she started work on the course two years ago and follows in the footsteps of her brother, Jamie, who achieved the same grade at the same age in 2006.

Alexandra, of Arkley, North London, said: "It feels really good and I'm very proud of the work I have done with my dad.

"It was quite challenging but my friends were impressed. I also enjoy Pythagoras' theorem and trigonometry."

For full coverage of this year's GCSE results, see Friday's JC.

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Our schools and their pupils, teachers and parents deserve enormous praise for working together to help pupils achieve their full potential while keeping a deep commitment to Jewish learning and Jewish values. I say this, incidentally, as a teacher in Jewish schools.