Stars shine through in mainstream schools

By Craig Silver, August 22, 2008

Jewish students at mainstream schools around the country also produced outstanding results in their A levels.

Shaun and Ollie Newton, who attend Merchant Taylors' School for Boys in Northwood, Middlesex, both achieved A-level marks for fine art that put them in the top five in the UK.

Student Sarah Sklar, 17, from The Mount School in Mill Hill, North London, celebrated scoring 100 per cent in her Japanese A level - and completing it a year early. Speaking from Japan, where she is on holiday with her family, Sarah said: "When I phoned the school and they told me, I was shocked. It was hard work but worth it"


Commenting on the results, headmaster Stephen Wright said: "With the under-achievement of boys nothing short of a national scandal, we are delighted again that our boys get A-grades in nearly three out of every four exams they take."

Mark Harris, the first Jewish head-boy at the English International College in Marbella, gained As in maths, further maths and physics, with an average of 98 per cent across six maths modules. He has an unconditional offer to study maths at Imperial College, London.

Mark, a member of the Beth-El Synagogue in Marbella, where he was barmitzvahed in 2003, is also an accomplished pianist.

Jewish students at the Grammar School at Leeds (a recent merger between Leeds Girls' High School and Leeds Grammar School) also gained top results, with Jack Goldstein and Sophie Dapin both getting five A grades.

Sophie, who celebrated her birthday on the same day she received her results, described them as "a great birthday present".

The 18-year-old from Alwoodley, Leeds, studied mathematics, further mathematics, chemistry, history and general studies.

"As it was my birthday morning, I woke up really early and checked my results straight away on the website," Sophie said.

"I had worked really hard, but it was quite a demanding combination of subjects and there were a couple of exams I wasn't too sure about, so I'm very happy."

She will study for a degree in chemistry at Oxford University.

Alexander Margolin, 17, who also attends Merchant Taylors' school, achieved among the top 10 results in examination board Edexcel's economics AS-level exam. The 17-year-old from Radlett said: "I'm really delighted. It came as quite a surprise as I wasn't too sure how I'd done. But I worked very hard and I am very proud."

Despite his success, Alexander said he did not want to make a career out of economics. "It is just something I enjoy, but when I go to university I want to do psychology and cognitive neurosciences."

Last updated: 1:22pm, August 26 2008