Schools top the tables for value

By Simon Rocker, January 22, 2009

Three Jewish secondary schools have been placed among England’s top five per cent of mainstream state schools, ranked according to academic progress made by pupils 11-16.

Hasmonean High School, JFS and Yesodey Hatorah in London produced outstanding “value-added” scores in the government school league tables for 2008.

These scores measure how far children perform above expectations, given their academic ability on arrival. According to The Times, the Hasmonean was among the top 50 value-added schools in the country this year.

Beverley Perin, head of Hasmonean girls’ school, said: “We’re delighted that, year-on-year, our children are making such remarkable progress academically. This represents all our children, not just our high-flyers.”

But she said that equally important to the school were pupils’ Jewish studies and their charitable contribution — shown by £1,000 raised by 15-year-olds for care packages for Israeli soldiers last week.

Two strictly Orthodox schools, the Menorah Grammar for Boys and the Beis Rochel d’Satmar for Girls in London, recorded 100 per cent of pupils achieving five GCSE grades A* to C, including maths and English.

Only a dozen girls at the Satmar school actually sat exams, however.

But the tables do show that strictly Orthodox girls schools achieve good results at GCSE — in contrast to some of the equivalent boys’ schools, where pupils often leave for yeshivah before GCSE.

But one strictly Orthodox school, Beth Jacob Grammar in London, was listed as having no pupils gaining a minimum of five GCSEs, including maths and English. This was because, last year, girls took the International GCSE in maths, not accredited by the government.

“It’s an exam taken by many top independent schools,” a Beth Jacob spokesman said.

“It’s more academic and our results were equal to, if not better, than last year. But we’ve decided to go back to GCSE because we’d like our results in the league tables.”

How they fared across the country


Schools ranked according to percentage of students gaining five or more grade A*-C GCSEs including Maths and English (in brackets: GCSE score based on points per student)

Menorah Grammar 100% (439.1)
Beis Rochel de Satmar 100% (256.5)
Menorah High School for Girls 96 % (485.8)
Beis Chinuch 93 % (350.4)
Lubavitch House Girls 92 % (397.2)
Immanuel College 91 % (471.1)
King David High Manchester 90 % (507.7)
King David High Liverpool 87 % (460.2)
London Jewish Girls High 87 % (440.8)
Hasmonean 86 % (498.2)
Beis Yaakov High Salford 86 % (442.1)
JFS 84 % (453.2)
Yesodey Hatorah Girls Schl 83 % (523.7)
Manchester Mesivta 77 % (397.5)
Beis Malka 77 % (288.1)
Bnos Yisroel Schools 75 % (229.9)
Gateshead Jewish High 69 % (284.1)
King Solomon High 57 % (407.7)
Pardes House Grammar 53 % (255.7)
Etz Chaim 0 % (304.5)
Beth Jacob Grammar – % (362.1)
Beis Rochel Manchester – % (155.3)
Gateshead Jewish Boarding – % (11.7)

National average 47 % (national average 390 points, based on GCSE score of A* = 58 points; A, 52: B, 46; C,40) Schools ranked according to value-added rating


Value-added scores that measure academic progress from 11 to 16

Hasmonean 1046.9
JFS 1043.9
Yesodey Hatorah 1043.6
King Solomon 1027.7
King David High Manchester 1016.3
King David High 1010.7
Manchester Mesivta 1002.0


A score of 1030.35 or above = top 5 %
of mainstream schools in England. A score of 1011.40 or above = top 25 % nationally, while below 991.05 = bottom 40 %.

Schools ranked according to A-level
points per pupil

King David High Liverpool 889.1
Immanuel College 836.5
Hasmonean 816.8
JFS 803.6
King David High Manchester 797.5
Menorah Grammar 774.7
King Solomon High 685.0

National average 739.8 (270 points for grade A; 240, B; 210,C; 180, D; 150, E; with half as much for AS-levels)

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