Pro-Israel demo outside Iranian embassy

By Leon Symons, January 16, 2009

Up to 500 people demonstrated outside the Iranian embassy in Kensington, west London, last night (Thursday).

Led by a group of Zionist Federation activists and with ZF support, the group said it wanted to bring to wider attention Iran’s role in Middle East affairs as the main backer of both Hamas in Gaza and Hizbollah in Lebanon.

Keith Fraser, one of the organisers, said: “People seem to have forgotten that Iran has been responsible for everything that is happening in Gaza now, in the same way that it was for Lebanon in 2006. It should not be allowed to get away with this.”

The demonstration included Jews, Arabs and Christians, as well as representatives from Iranian Friends of Israel and Iranian dissidents who oppose the current regime. Some demonstrators wore masks of Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad . Others displayed a used Qassam missile, one of the many that have been fired into Israel in recent weeks. The demonstration passed off peacefully with no arrests.


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jose (not verified)

Fri, 01/16/2009 - 20:16

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Still trying your tricks ?
500 were only for this rally, while you count opponents in the whole world ?
Try harder and better !
Maybe you don't remember all these mass-rallies of Nazi Germany? You weren't born, right, but you could have left school after you learn this chapter of history. All these good people could not be wrong, wouldn't you say? So the Jews had it coming...

That"s not justice, Vindicta, that's the law of the jungle.

Philip Witriol

Sat, 01/17/2009 - 01:37

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Considering how many more Arab women and children Hamas still has to hide behind -- thereby demonizing Israel while saving its own hide -- why should it accept a truce?

Philip Witriol

Sat, 01/17/2009 - 01:39

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Melanie Phillips writes:
But why, you may well ask, should the Islamists target Starbucks? The ELA supplies the answer:

Starbucks, whose American chief executive Howard Schultz is Jewish...

Not Israeli, note. Just a Jew. Tesco, whose founder was also a Jew, is likewise being targeted:

Just four hours earlier, a gang of youths hurled a brick at a Tesco delivery van half-a-mile away, then attacked the driver as he drove through Canon Street Road. The 45-year-old driver was later treated for a head injury and needed seven stitches. Cops said the youths were Asian, who were wearing dark tops and may have been seen outside a fast food restaurant earlier. The new Tesco Metro supermarket in Stepney’s Commercial Road was targeted at the weekend when several windows were smashed and the words ‘kill Jews’ was daubed in paint.

Harry’s Place makes the obvious final observation:

And none of this is making the national media!

Philip Witriol

Sat, 01/17/2009 - 01:55

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Extracted from:

Quite regularly, various leaders of various Islamic terrorist groups, and even an ex-CIA agent that the NYT uses as an expert on Mid-East affairs, refer to Israel as a "cancer" on the world. Louis Farrakhan, America's best-known Jew-hater, is honored by the twenty-year church home of our first black President, and hardly more than a few bat an eyelash in disapproval. A black minister can stand in the full view of esteemed dignitaries and spew anti-Semitic tripe, and it causes barely a stir. CNN can air terrorist-inspired "news" footage, and it takes a determined conservative blog-press to highlight the truth before anyone even notices.

Well, any time Israel gets the chutzpah to fight back against nonstop, deadly rocket attacks with any determination, nearly every Muslim enclave the world over can be counted upon to take to the streets in their propaganda solidarity. And leftist newspapers and television outlets the world over can be counted upon to broadcast the terrorists' anti-Jew poppycock as though no one will notice that it's woven of the same cloth.

The more things change...and the beat goes on...

But, really, hating Jews is as old and entrenched as, well, as old as the Bible. Long, long, long before Africans enslaved other Africans and sold them to European and American traders, there was Jew-hatred. Jew-hatred is so much older than the State of Israel that it would take a historical scholar to date it.

Way, way, way, way before there was the Holocaust, there was Jew-hatred. Jew-hatred runs through the 7th century's Koran like a consistent thread. Karl Marx himself was a self-loathing Jew. George Soros is a modern day version of Karl Marx. Louis Farrakhan thinks Hitler had the right idea. So does David Duke. So does Ahmadinejad. So does that American woman in Muslim dress standing on the street in Fort Lauderdale.

Isn't it about time someone, somewhere explains exactly what it is about the Jews that inspires this vile, purely diabolical hatred. Why, if even a fair number of Jews utterly despise their own Jewishness, and as this is an ancient hatred, persisting throughout the ages, there must be something pretty substantial to it. Hate this vile doesn't just spring out of pure air.

Jew-hatred is the elephant in the room of humanity.

Irene Goldberg

Sat, 01/17/2009 - 06:40

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It is truly an “upside-down world” when the country that is the victim of aggression, which Israel has been as it has suffered under hundreds of Hamas rocket attacks over the past month, is criticized around the world. There is no question that Hamas initiated this latest violence. And while it’s not surprising that militant Muslims rage that Israel is the aggressor and Hamas the victim, it is disappointing and troubling to see so many in the West buy into such a lie.

And a lie is what it is.

There are many reasons we must stand in support of Israel, not the least of which is Israel’s very right to exist. What’s more, Israel is on the front-lines in the war against Islamic terrorism, and to abandon Israel is ultimately to send a signal to radical Muslims everywhere that America will capitulate and abandon its allies when the going gets tough. This is a signal we cannot send.

But another reason is that we must continue to make clear to the world that the aggressors in the Middle East, as elsewhere around the world, are typically the radical Muslims who are determined to impose their will and their doctrines on the rest of us, by any and all means necessary.

Sadly, far too many in the Muslim world see everything through a prism that they are always the victims. It will be difficult to change that perception among most Muslims who adhere to it. Are there instances around the world when Muslims are victims and have legitimate grievances? Of course. Just as there are instances when Christians, Jews, Hindus, and those of other faiths are victims and have legitimate grievances.

The difference is that it is Muslims, and not those of other faiths, who blew up the World Trade Center. It is Muslims, and not those of other faiths, who have engaged in 11,000 acts of terrorism since 9/11. It is Muslims, and not those of other faiths, who engaged in mass rallies protesting cartoons that lead to the deaths of those of other faiths. It is Muslims, and not those of other faiths, who demand at the UN that no public criticism of their religion be allowed. It is Muslims, and not those of other faiths, who demanded that a teacher be executed for allowing her students to name their teddy bears “Mohammed.”

To those moderate, peaceful Muslims everywhere who disagree with the militancy of their fellow Muslims across the world, we say to you, “rise up and speak out, en masse, against that militancy.” Unfortunately, the record of the past few years does not inspire confidence that any more than a few courageous souls will do so.

We must vigorously combat the trend of the last few decades, a trend in which many in American government, the media, and academia, have bought into the faulty perception of Islamic victimhood. We must work hard to educate freedom-loving people everywhere about the history of political Islam, so that they will understand and know what we know, that Islam’s history is one of 1,400 years of terror, violence, and subjugation that left some 270 million people dead and tens of millions enslaved – and that the doctrine of political Islam was the driving force behind this, and is the force driving radical Islam today.

The conflict between Israel and its militant Muslim neighbors is the flash point for this battle for the truth. It is not Israel demanding that its neighbors cease to exist or be wiped off the map. Israel’s 60 year history clearly demonstrates that it would like nothing better than to live at peace with those around it. That cannot be said for Hamas, Hezbollah, and the many militant Muslims throughout the Middle East whose end game is nothing less than the annihilation of Israel.

So we must continue to stand in support of Israel. Israel deserves no less. And our love of liberty and quest for peace and security from Islamic terrorism demands no less.

Best Regards,


Irene Goldberg

Sat, 01/17/2009 - 06:42

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As I mentioned in a previous comment:

If Hamas really cared about it's civilians in Gaza, it would have stopped firing rockets and mortars into Israel a long time ago. Or never started to fire them at all!

Hamas receives arms (as does Hezbollah), from Iran. Hamas has built hundreds upon hundreds of underground tunnels from Egypt into Gaza, to smuggle these arms.

Iran has stated it wants to wipe Israel off the face of the earth. It uses Hezbollah and Hamas to try to acccomplish this.

The international media hardly ever bring this to the attention of their readers. Can you only imagine if Spain, or England (for example), were to receive a daily barrage of rockets into their territory? Heaven Forbid!! What would Señor Zapatero or Mr. Gordon Brown do, I wonder? just sit on their backsides and grin, perhaps. Hmmmmm. Yeah, right ......

Propaganda is a strong weapon. Hitler had Herr Goebbels to do his, for him. Goebbels used to say that if one repeated the same lie to the masses over and over, they'd all eventually believe it!. Same with radical Islam. Repeat the same lies, over and over, and all will believe! Radical Islam believes all non-believers should be killed - ALL - not just Jews! Think about that for a moment. ALL NON BELIEVERS!

Oh, and by the way, where was all this famous world outrage (and UN condemnation), all the time during which Hamas rockets were being fired
into Israel? And I'm talking about the many months that Hamas did this, BEFORE Israel attacked Gaza in order to defend it's borders and it's citizens. Now there's hypocracy for you! A double standard, to be sure!

Anti-semitism has always been directed towards Jews (even though Arabs are also semites). It's based on ignorance, passed down from generation to generation, jealousy, and, (for some), a personal enjoyment and pleasure in carrying out pogroms against minorities seen to be different from themselves. Many see it as revenge for the killing of Jesus. But Jesus was a Jew, too. Therefore anti-semitism is like killing Jesus all over again!

The fact that there WAS a demonstration against Iran at their embassy in London IS GOOD. Whether 500 or 50000. The fact that it happened at all is a start. Here's to the next one - NEVER STOP!

Best Regards to all out there in ''Londonistan''.



Mon, 01/19/2009 - 22:49

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An admirable, and important demonstration. It made me happy to note that both Christians and Arabs (presumably Moslems) also attended. As, for you jose, for the sort of rally this was, 500 participants is just a goodly number. The only sad thing, for me at least, is that not one of Britain's 'fair-minded' showbiz personalities deigned to show their face. Are all the showbiz lot Far Lefties who love Arab/Moslem fanatics/terrorists But hate Israelis for daring to fight for their, and their loves ones, very lives against the world's modern version of the nazis? And where are the political supporters of Israel? Surely there are some. Is fear of death fatwas (as have been coming forth in Holland, and probably elsewhere) keeping them away from pro-Israel, anti-terror rallies?