Oxford student Jew jibe sparks anger

By Marcus Dysch, November 27, 2008

An Oxford University newspaper has published a front-page apology after an article advising students how to save money was headlined "Jewish Economic Policy".

Editors of The Newt, run by students at New College, claimed the piece "was intended to be satirical", but apologised for causing offence

following complaints from readers. A fortnight ago, players from the university's under-21 rugby team carried moneybags and wore fake sidelocks) as part of a "bring a fit Jew" party.

The Newt's apology said: "We entirely accept that the humour was both inappropriate and distasteful, and was representative of a type of humour based on prejudiced stereotyping that should not be perpetuated."

A Union of Jewish Students spokesman said: "UJS is disappointed at this latest incident in Oxford. We have to ask the basic question of why this concept ever reached the writing stage, let alone printing."
A university spokeswoman said the possibility of disciplinary action was being considered by the college.

She said Oxford "strongly condemns racial stereotyping".

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