Outrage at market stall’s Nazi sale

By Candice Krieger, August 7, 2008

An Irish MP has called for an investigation into the selling of Nazi memorabilia at an Irish market.

A stall at Balbriggan Market, in North Co. Dublin, is openly selling a selection of antisemitic DVDs in addition to Nazi uniforms, swastikas and ashtrays. Ruairi Quinn, the Labour TD (MP) for Dublin South East, said the material on sale may be in breach of Irish law.

Mr Quinn, also chair of the Holcoaust Education Trust in Ireland, said: "We have civil legislation in Ireland which prohibits incitement to hatred and it is possible that this material is in breach of that. My view is that it would be."


Mr Quinn, who has not yet seen the material, was alerted to it by a Sunday Tribune reporter. "I will be investigating it and take the necessary steps," said Mr Quinn. "It is a worrying sign that the new generation of youngsters will see these goods detached from the context of how they were used in the Holocaust."

Nadav Cohen, the deputy head of mission at the Israeli Embassy in Ireland, said: "The Embassy of Israel in Dublin strongly condemns all forms of antisemitism, including the sale of materials which insult and stereotype the Jewish people or belittle the memory of the Holocaust and the crimes of the Nazi regime. "Antisemitism, just like racism and xenophobia, is not only a Jewish problem or an Israeli problem, but is a sickness which eats at the core of humanity.

"If, as a society, we tolerate hate material, we will find ourselves gradually tolerating verbal violence and that eventually could lead to antisemitic acts of violence. Therefore, we need not only to take all these acts into consideration, but to take action together against them."

A spokesman for the Jewish Representative Council in Ireland said it was "dismayed to read of the open sale of Nazi memorabilia, including antisemitic material, which we strongly condemn."

According to the Sunday Tribune, the stall owner, Paul Rea, said he was not a Nazi supporter but had no apologies for what he was selling, claiming he was getting more and more business in the Republic.

Both Fingal County Council and Balbriggan Town Council said the market land was privately owned by Murphy Environmental, a waste management company. But when contacted by the JC, Murphy Environmental denied any such ownership and said it had nothing to do with the market.

Last updated: 9:34pm, August 7 2008