Ofcom set to rule on ‘Weekend Nazis’ doc

By Marcus Dysch, September 19, 2008

Media watchdog Ofcom is expected to rule within the next two months on a complaint about a documentary which uncovered Nazi-uniform-wearing war-games enthusiasts.

Weekend Nazis was broadcast on BBC1 in August 2007 and focused on the War and Peace Show in Kent.

It showed presenter John Sweeney meeting participants from the Second Battle Group (SBG) re-enactment organisation, many of whom were dressed in Nazi uniforms.

A swastika was shown on invitations to Nick Beardshaw's wedding, at which he allegedly wore a Nazi uniform.

But Mr Beardshaw - who had agreed to be in the programme and denies being a Nazi-sympathiser - complained to the regulator about a breach of privacy after seeing the title and footage.

An Ofcom spokeswoman said the investigation into fairness in the show is yet to be completed.
Documentary makers October Films and the BBC declined to comment.

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    Tue, 09/23/2008 - 18:21

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    This was always a very poor piece of journalism. Mr Sweeney victimised lots of living history enthusiasts, including those of us who represent British and Allied forces.
    Nick Beardshaw and his wife are a lovely couple who met in this odd hobby and decided that they wanted to share their day with their friends.
    It was not shown that on the day, there were lots of Home front living history groups in attendance and that Mr Sweeneys aide had planted a lot of people there.
    I hope Nick and Michaela can end what has been a nightmare year of accusations and slander.
    Nick is terribly proud of his WW1 and WW2 veteran relations and this has been incredibly painful for him.


    Wed, 10/15/2008 - 22:01

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    I do hope the People at OFCOM rule with a clear unbiased head.
    I watched this programme and having been to this show on many occasions as an American GI, found it too be the most inaccurate Television programme since the weather forecast before the Big Storm of the 1980’s.
    There were plenty of people in British, Russian and American Uniforms at this wedding, but clever editing clipped those out and the wedding music was Apple Blossom Time, but this was dubbed with Uber Deutschland for a more graphic effect.
    John Sweeney and the BBC ruined these peoples big day, shame on them.
    And as a reenactor who has worked with the BBC on several occasions, I for one will be avoiding thier Drama and News Department requests for help in the future.