Murder in Golders Green

By Leon Symons, October 8, 2008

The death of a man on Monday brought the heartland of Jewish north-west London to a sudden halt.

Dozens of police - many of them armed with automatic weapons - sealed off Highfield Road in Golders Green after receiving an emergency call saying shots had been fired.

Yossi Haziza, of Menachem Butchers at the corner of Alba Gardens and Golders Green Road, said: "I was working in the shop when I heard a series of noises, ‘bam, bam, bam'. It was about 11.20 in the morning. At that point, I didn't really know what it was.

"But within minutes, there were police everywhere. They were on the scene very quickly. When I heard why they were there, I realised that I had probably heard the shots being fired.

"The police taped off the road outside but they also went to a driveway at the back of the shop, from where you can see the back of the flats in Highfield Road."

Traffic on Golders Green Road was brought to a halt as police taped off the area. A body was later brought out of the Highfield Road flats.

While shops either side of the taped area - the majority of them Jewish-owned - remained open, all pedestrians were prevented from entering the cordoned-off area. Workers in two shops selling booths for Succot emerged to watch police, while mothers with children in pushchairs, whose homes were inside the cordon found their way blocked.

Services at Machzike Hadath Synagogue, part of the Federation of Synagogues, directly opposite the block of flats where the body was found, were interrupted.

A post mortem carried out on Tuesday afternoon established that the man, named as 27-year-old Cima Sogojeva died from gunshot wounds."

An incident room has been opened at Colindale and anyone with information should contact it at 020 8358 0400.


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