Lord Levy still has security protection

By Anshel Pfeffer, October 10, 2008

Sixteen months after ending his role as the Prime Minister's envoy to the Middle East, Lord Levy continues to have security protection. He was last week seen travelling to synagogue accompanied by a bodyguard.

Cabinet ministers and senior government officials do not normally continue having official protection after they leave their positions, with the exception of the Prime Minister and, during the "Troubles", former Northern Ireland Secretaries.

Lord Levy was Tony Blair's envoy to the Middle East for nine years but ended his role last June when Mr Blair resigned.

The JC understands that Lord Levy's protection is provided by the Community Security Trust following a joint threat assessment with the Home Office. The original decision to supply protection was based not only on his diplomatic position but on antisemitic comments directed towards him due to his involvement in Labour Party funding and the cash-for-honours inquiry. The bodyguards are normally supplied by the CST.

Lord Levy refused to comment, as did the CST. The Home Office said: "We never comment on matters of security."

Last updated: 9:56am, October 10 2008