Knives out over meat payment

By Leon Symons, April 17, 2008

A dispute between Bloom’s restaurant and North London kosher butcher Kelman’s took a new turn this week with each saying they were taking the other to the London Beth Din.

Bloom’s declared that it was taking the butcher to the Beth Din and that it had lodged papers last Friday — exactly what Kelman’s had claimed to the JC that it was doing two weeks ago.

At that time, Bloom’s did not wish to comment. But this week, the owner of the restaurant revealed some of the background to the events of the last two weeks.

In a press release, Bloom’s said it had taken the action “following a malicious whispering campaign by Kelman’s alleging that Bloom’s had broken its credit agreement with them”.

In a statement, Bloom’s managing director Kitty Rudolf said: “It is with sadness rather than anger that we take this action. Just months ago, after protracted negotiations, Kelman’s and Bloom’s agreed a schedule of payments for a relatively small amount of money, under £15,000.

“We have paid each week and are continuing on schedule but were dismayed to read in the JC that Kelman’s are alleging otherwise. We have the agreement with all parties’ signatures on it — and are still using Kelman’s paying-in book as we agreed.”

A spokesman for Kelman’s said on Wednesday: “We have been told today that our Din Torah has been set down for May 12.

“The original amount [owed by Bloom’s to Kelman’s] was closer to £20,000. The current amount outstanding is approximately £16,000 as of today.

“They have made many different arrangements to pay this debt over the last few months but have never kept to them.

“That is the reason why we are going to a Din Torah.”

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