Julie Burchill joins Brighton shul

By Cecily Woolf, June 18, 2009

Outspoken writer and columnist Julie Burchill is taking her support for Israel and Jewish causes to a new level by becoming a Friend of Brighton and Hove Progressive Synagogue — and considering converting to Judaism.

Ms Burchill has been attending Shabbat services for a month and has begun studying Hebrew. “I first thought about converting when I was 25,” she said. “I will be 50 next month so it’s hardly a flash in the pan. At a time of rising and increasingly vicious antisemitism from both left and right, becoming Jewish especially appeals to me.
“Added to the fact that I admire Israel so much, it does seem to make sense — assuming of course that the Jews will have me.”

She added that as an ex-Christian, “it is a great relief not to hear people banging on about the ‘Baby Jesus’ and the ‘Holy Ghost’ and the whole dumbass shebang. There is only one God and He is the Eternal One.
“I may or may not become a Jew. But I would venture to state, without qualification, that every other alleged ‘monotheist’ believer is living in a dream world. The filthy stain of antisemitism which un-ites Christian and Muslim is based on their pathetic envy of the perfect, enduring faith of the Jews. We/they rock!”

Shul chair Prue Baker said the congregation had welcomed Ms Burchill “as we welcome all who share our approach to Judaism and wish to be associated with us. We are an inclusive community and have many Friends who may not be Jewish.”

Another congregant confided that “Julie has told several people that she’s enjoying the services. She’s amusing and fun to have around but she’s keeping a fairly low profile.”

Last updated: 7:07pm, June 18 2009