Israeli embassy: police seek help in protest inquiry

By Leon Symons, January 29, 2009

Metropolitan Police detectives investigating attacks on police and property during two of the anti-Israel demonstrations at the start of the month have appealed for help in tracing six men.

They are among 40 people who took part in demonstrations in central London on January 3 and 10 whom officers from the Met’s Operation Ute want to interview.

Fifty-five police officers were injured, including one knocked unconscious after being hit by a metal bar. Commander Bob Broadhurst, in charge of public order policing, said: “The Met will always facilitate lawful protest. However, what we have witnessed and what our officers have been subjected to was not and cannot be described as lawful protest. A small minority of people set out that day, not to air their views, but to fight with police.

“I have no doubt that a small hardcore acted as antagonists during both demonstrations stirring up others within the crowd.

“We know that a number of responsible demonstrators worked hard to try to keep the hardcore calm, placing themselves in danger.

Have you seen them? Police pictures of those officers want to speak to

Have you seen them? Police pictures of those officers want to speak to

“The Met will not tolerate attacks on officers under the guise of protest. Our right to protest is an important one and should never be undermined by thugs and louts who simply want to cause trouble.”

Last updated: 11:43am, February 3 2009