History of Israel on stage in 10 mins

By Marcus Dysch, January 29, 2009

A play written in response to the situation in Gaza is to be staged at a London theatre from next week.

Seven Jewish Children – A Play for Gaza, by Caryl Churchill, will run at the Royal Court Theatre from February 6 to 21. With a predominantly Jewish cast, it shows Jewish mothers talking to their children about the Gaza bombing.

Written earlier this month, the play is just 10 minutes long and described by the theatre as “a history of Israel, ending with the bombing of Gaza”.

It will be performed following a previously scheduled, unconnected play, after which the audience will be asked to donate to the Medical Aid for Palestinians charity.

Ms Churchill told The Guardian: “Israel has done lots of terrible things in the past, but what happened in Gaza seemed particularly extreme.”

Andrew Balcombe, chairman of the Zionist Federation, said: “Caryl Churchill is a patron of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign. We hope the play is fair and balanced and not just a demonisation of Israel.”

Last updated: 3:41pm, January 29 2009