Former JNF boss drops his employment case

By Marcus Dysch, August 6, 2009

The former chief executive of JNF UK has withdrawn his claim for constructive dismissal against the charity.

Simon Winters agreed to drop the proceedings following negotiations between the parties. He will receive no compensation or further payment from the JNF.

Mr Winters was suspended from his role on June 27 last year while an investigation took place into allegations he had failed to control the charity’s income and expenditure ratio, allowed JNF money to be used “extravagantly” and used his company credit cards improperly.

He resigned five days later, on July 2, and later launched the constructive dismissal claim.

His grievance was based on the belief that changes to the JNF management structure had fundamentally undermined his position as chief executive, and that Samuel Hayek, the new chairman of the charity, had used a staff meeting to openly criticise and undermine him. A three-day hearing had been expected to start at Watford Employment Tribunal on September 14, but the JNF confirmed on Tuesday that the case had been withdrawn.

In a statement the charity said: “Although it was regrettable that Mr Winters saw fit to issue proceedings against the JNF following his resignation last July, we are pleased that after negotiation, he has now agreed to abandon all claims against JNF without any payment being made to him.”

JNF chairman Samuel Hayek added: “It was a negotiation that took place over a period of a few weeks and this was the result.

“It’s not very complicated. We did not think he should have brought the action in the first place. It was up to him to withdraw it. We negotiated and he decided to withdraw.”

Mr Winters said: “I would like to comment, but I am not at liberty to disclose anything for legal reasons.”

Mr Winters is suing the JC over its reporting of his departure from the JNF.

Last updated: 2:17pm, August 6 2009