Esther in jungle eviction

December 1, 2008

Esther Rantzen has been thrown out of I'm A Celebrity in a double eviction.

She became the fifth celebrity to leave the jungle when viewers voted her off last night, along with former children’s TV presenter, Timmy Mallet.

She told hosts Ant and Dec: "I'm very sorry to leave because they are such lovely people. But it is the right time."

The 68-year-old former That's Life presenter was a popular member of the cast but clashed with camp mates after EastEnders actor Joe Swashe’s clothes caught fire.

He washed his clothes and left them to dry on the fire, only for them to go up in flames, causing the wooden tripod the celebrities use to hang their clothes on to catch fire.

Brian Paddick swiftly threw the contraption away much to Esther's annoyance.

Worried it would start another fire, she covered the simmering wood with a towel, causing the former police chief to question what she was doing.

Esther snapped: "Look, how many items I have done on fire safety for Christ sakes? I'm not as stupid as I look. What's the point of doing a consumer programme for 21 years."

She requested more water for the wood, but most of her camp mates felt she was overreacting because the constant rain has left the ground in the camp very dry.

However, she said: "Excuse me, I can see sparks everywhere that's what I'm putting out. I know about this. I have done a complete programme about fire safety when fire takes hold it goes very fast indeed. What you've got here under the ferns in a layer of dry leaves."

Once the fire was completely out and Joe had returned to discover the fate of his clothes, Esther - who has flirted with the actor over the course of the show - joked: "I deliberately set fire to all your underthings and so on because I like you to go commando. You have tempted me with your luscious young body for too long."

Last updated: 10:02am, December 1 2008