Divestment tops the Jews for Justice survey

By Leon Symons, July 30, 2009

The Jews for Justice for Palestinians survey sought to establish what kind of boycott its members would be ready to back. It elicited 417 responses to two sections. The first listed nine different boycotts:

- A consumer boycott of all Israeli goods
- Lobbying to achieve a full ban on the importation of Israeli products and produce
- Divestment from companies investing in Israel
- Suspension of all EU trade with Israel
- A boycott of state sponsored cultural institutions and artists in receipt of state sponsorship
- Divestment from Israeli companies
- A boycott of Israeli athletes and sports teams
- A boycott of Israeli academic institutions
- A boycott on tourism to Israel

Divestment from Israeli companies drew the biggest number in favour, with a total of 62.4 per cent (260), followed by divestment from companies investing in Israel with 61.6 per cent (257). Suspension of all EU trade with Israel came next with 59.8 per cent (249) and then a consumer boycott of all goods, with a total of 58.8 per cent (245) in favour.

The only boycott where those who opposed it came out on top was the academic boycott, with 52.5 per cent opposed (219).

Lobbying for a full ban drew 55.8 per cent (233) in favour; 49.2 per cent (205) thought a tourism boycott would be a good idea; 44.7 per cent (187) would be happy with a cultural boycott and boycott of those receiving state sponsorship and 43.6 per cent (182) wanted an athletes and sports boycott.
The second part of the survey was one question; whether or not respondents thought backing boycotts would make the organisation more or less attractive to people who took issue with Israeli policy but had not yet joined JFJFP.

In this case 59.3 per cent (247), thought a pro-boycott policy would make JFJFP less attractive.

Last updated: 5:04pm, July 30 2009