Developer in kosher revival

By Leon Symons, June 6, 2008

A property developer has undertaken a mission to bring kosher food back to South Manchester.

David Jebreel owns a non-kosher restaurant in the area that has closed down. Now he is seeking a tenant who will turn it into a kosher restaurant.

“There is a big Jewish community but there is nowhere for them to eat kosher. If people want to eat in a kosher restaurant, they have to travel up to 20 miles to north Manchester,” he said.

The area had two kosher restaurants in the past, in Cheadle and Hale Barns, but both failed because, claimed Mr Jebreel, “the owners had no previous experience in the restaurant business. I want to find someone who has the knowledge and expertise and can run and manage it.”

He is now offering potential new owners “incentives” to take on the challenge of the 2,500-square-feet restaurant.

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