CSC attacks Neo-nazi CDs

By Leon Symons, September 18, 2009

The Centre for Social Cohesion has said it will report the neo-Nazi group Blood & Honour to the police for distributing racially offensive music CDs.

CSC says the CDs would, encourage acts of hatred and terrorism against ethnic minorities that would infringe the Public Order Act 1986 and the Terrorism Act 2000.

A section of the lyrics of a song called “Murder Squad” by a group called Blue Eyed Devils says:

“Traitors are hung and others shot dead
Kill the Jew and cut off his head
Destroy the enemy and his lies
Send the filth to an early demise.”

Edmund Standing, who compiled a recent CSC report on the activities of the British National Party, said: “The dissemination of such materials is a threat to all minority communities in the UK and should be of concern to Jewish and Muslim communities, with the latter in particular facing a demonstrable rise in persecution from neo-Nazis and far right bigots.”

Last updated: 11:22am, September 21 2009