Circumcision baby died of natural causes

By Robyn Rosen, September 9, 2009
Praised: Hatzola, seen here on another call

Praised: Hatzola, seen here on another call

Amitai Moshe, the baby who died shortly after his brit, died of natural causes totally unrelated to his circumcision, a coroner has ruled today.

Amitai was circumcised on February 1 2007 in Golders Green Synagogue but about 35 minutes after the ceremony, whilst his mother was breastfeeding him, he began to turn blue and blood was seen around his mouth.

Coroner Andrew Walker, told Hornsey Coroners’ Court today that the cause of death was sudden infant death syndrome, following evidence from infant health expert, Professor Peter Fleming.

Mr Walker said: “Any connection with Amitai’s tragic death and the circumcision itself can be ruled out and it is accepted that the circumcision was skilfully and deftly undertaken.

“There can be no suggestion that the rabbi was in anyway at fault or to blame for this tragedy.”

The landmark ruling will come as a disappointment to those who oppose circumcision, some of whom were present during the inquest.

Last updated: 3:17pm, September 9 2009