Celebrations as six schools achieve 100 per cent pass rates in A-levels

By Craig Silver, August 22, 2008

Jewish schools across the country are again celebrating spectacular A-level results with six schools achieving a 100 per cent overall pass rate.

Hasmonean School in North-West London, which was one of those recording a 100 per cent overall pass rate, also achieved a 77 per cent pass rate at A- and B-grades.

Among their outstanding pupils are Anne Guetta and Gabriella Lebrecht, who both achieved five A-grades. Anne has been offered a place at Cambridge to study land economy and Gabriella is to study maths at Imperial College, London.

Some of Immanuel's A-listers (from left): Joanna Moses, Talia Salomon, Atalya Black and Adam Upman


Hasmonean head teachers Rabbi David Meyer and Beverley Perin expressed delight at this year's results.

"We are extremely proud of all our students' achievements and are delighted that their efforts have been richly rewarded," said Mrs Perin.

Rabbi Meyer said: "These results, which are among the best in the country, have been achieved whilst our students have dedicated a substantial amount of their time and energy towards learning Torah and acting as responsible members of the community. This is what is at the very heart of Hasmonean."

At JFS, which recorded an overall pass rate of 99 per cent, with 76.4 per cent of passes at A- and B-grades, successful students include Sam Blumenblatt, Zoƫ Lederman, Dana Lewis, Jamie Selwyn and Jeremy Tabick, who each achieved four A-grades. Miriam Fenton, who is among eight students to have secured an Oxbridge place, scored 100 per cent in all six units in her politics exam and Jacob Perlmutter achieved one of the top marks in the country for photography.

Head teacher Jonathan Miller was delighted with "the best ever percentage of A-grades in another year of truly outstanding results. Yet again, JFS students are a source of pride for themselves, their families and the school."

At Manchester Mesivta School for boys, there was a 100 per cent pass rate. All 21 pupils who sat the A level were aged 17, a year younger than the usual age for taking A levels.

Amongst the top achievers were head boy Dov Klyne and Eli Moise, who both gained four A-grades. Eli, from Prestwich, gained 591 marks out of a possible 600 in his physics A level.

He said: "I am delighted. I worked very hard and it was a demanding combination of subjects, but I had done well in previous modules so I was confident."

Eli, who also studied chemistry, mathematics and further maths, will now go to a yeshivah in Gateshead. "I might in the future go to university to study maths, but for now I am just very pleased that the exams are all over."

As reported in last week's JC, King Solomon High School in Redbridge also recorded a 100 per cent pass rate. One student, Inesa Rozenman, 18, achieved five A-grades and a further three pupils gained four A-grades and three others gained three A-grades.

Alex Green, who won A-grades in English literature, psychology and politics, said: "I was so pleased. I was not expecting it at all and was completely gobsmacked when I saw my results."

Manchester's King David High School, which also achieved a 100 per cent pass rate, saw one student gain five A-grades while another two were awarded four A-grades.

At Immanuel College, where the pass rate was also 100 per cent, two students gained four A-grades, and several swept three A-grades. Among the successes is Samuel Golc, from Warsaw, who joined Immanuel's sixth-form and passed three A levels, including an A in art.

Lubavitch Senior Girls' School also recorded a 100 per cent pass rate, with 85 per cent of pupils gaining A- and B-grades.


Eight top schools' A-level results

Total no. of pupils sitting A-levels Overall pass rate % Pass rate at grades A and B %
Lubavitch Senior Girls' School 14 100 85
Immanuel College 66 100 82
Hasmonean 121 100 77
JFS 184 99 76.4
King David Manchester 89 100 75
Mesivta, Manchester 21 100 75
King David Liverpool 96 99.3 67.8
King Solomon, Essex 82 100 48
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Claire simon of King Solomon High school gained 4A's including 100% for Biology, and has been accepted at St Catherine College Cambridge.