Beware the millions in your inbox

By Rachel Fletcher, May 2, 2008

An email hoaxer is targeting victims by claiming to be distributing millions of pounds left by a London Jewish philanthropist.

Recipients of the email, which is sent from “Barrister Sandy Carrington Law Firm”, are told they have been left £9 million from businessman Maurice Wohl’s estate. They are asked to provide details such as their address and occupation.

The firm’s name is not registered with either the Solicitors Regulation Authority or the Bar Council. Littered with grammatical and punctuation errors, the email claims the recipient is among a “random selection of individuals” made by the late Mr Wohl from internet lists for an inheritance.

Although giving a London address as its registered office, its telephone number does not connect and it offers a Hotmail address for contact. The JC did not receive a response to its email.

One recipient said: “I’m an accountant, and the VAT number it gives is invalid too. The thing that upset me was that this could be distressing for Mr Wohl’s family. I have no idea how they got my email address.”

The email gives some accurate details about the life of Mr Wohl, who was president of Jerusalem’s Great Synagogue, donated widely to Israeli institutions and received a CBE.

The email appears to be a variation of the notorious Nigerian “419” scams, in which recipients are urged to give bank details in order to receive money.

Last updated: 3:49pm, May 13 2008