A troubled marriage

By Marcus Dysch, July 24, 2008

When Karin and Asi Gabay first met in a Tel Aviv beach café in 1992, they could never have predicted how their relationship would pan out.

Asi Gabay, 36, who now runs the Chopstix noodle bar in Golders Green, moved to London aged three.

The couple married in 1993 in Holon and settled in North London. Asi began working for his father at his Hendon restaurant, Sami’s.

But disillusioned with life in a new country, and without a job, Karin returned to Israel in 1994, just weeks before the birth of her first child.

She went to college and began working in a bank, and was later employed as a clerk by the Ministry of the Interior.

Asi stayed in London and issued a get, but there was no civil divorce. For six years they had little contact, but in summer 2000 they were reconciled.Mrs Gabay, now 33, returned to England with their daughter, and a second wedding took place in August that year at the Od Yosef Hai Synagogue, in Hendon.

The couple had six more children, but their relationship deteriorated once again. In April 2007 they were divorced in a civil court, citing irretrievable differences as the cause.

Mr Gabay now lives in Hendon. Mrs Gabay and the children live in a five-bedroom council house in Colindale.

Mr Gabay says: “It speaks for itself [how the get has been given].When people saw her [behaviour], they were not happy, and it was reported to the rabbis.

“The rabbis had no other option. I have had girls coming to my restaurant who have seen her in mini-skirts, long nails and hair extensions. She is not conducting her life properly.”

Mrs Gabay responded: “He is making allegations about me dressing in mini-skirts, but I do not. I dress right for my age and family position. I do not dress Orthodox,  but I do not dress cheap.”

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